Weymouth Lighting Pictures

(Photos taken in August 2006)

One of the remaining cast columns along the front in Weymouth still carries this old Revo Silver-Gold sodium lantern. It is the only example and, although the column has seen better days, the lantern is still intact and working. It is rare for an old design of open lantern to survive these days. The lantern runs a 90w SOX lamp and has been fitted with a P42 photocell.

Right by the Revo lantern is an equally rare lantern- a Metro-Vick SO Fifty. This was one of the first lanterns to be manufactured in GRP, and looks quite amazing when lit. A certain amount of light is able to glow through the canopy. Although they were once a very common lantern in the area, only 3 now survive in the town.

This fabulous CU 'Crescent' concrete bracket would look a lot more sensible with a nice top entry tungsten or mercury lantern, and this is probably what once adorned it. Now however a 55w SOX GEC Z9539 lantern is fitted, and looks kind of uncomfortable on its long pipe mounting.

Dorset Lighting


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