Dorchester Lighting Pictures

The Phosco P177 lantern is a rare sight these days, but the town of Dorchester has many in use on residential streets. The lamp would probably have been a Mercury in the past but it is now a 70w SON. The lantern looks very similar to the Eleco HW918, the difference which I spotted was the fact that the Phosco lantern has a key catch at the rear, while the Eleco has a toggle catch on the front. These metal columns are also quite unusual as they are made by Concrete Utilities and have the trademark CU drop-key lock, which are synonymous to CUs concrete columns.

Another very rare sight these days is the GEC Z8430CM lantern. But as if this wasn't enough, these two examples in a Dorchester capark are still running Mercury lamps! The pair are fitted on a large steel column with a huge double bracket.

Dorset Lighting


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