Berkshire & Oxfordshire Lighting

The following photos were taken in Summer 2005 in the area near Reading, Berkshire:

A GEC Z8536 lantern on a wall mount. The lamp is a SON.

An On-by-Day GEC Z9554 on a 10m column. The cell is a RTE P42. The faulty cell had been sorted by summer 2006, and the lantern had not required replacement.

A GEC Z5678 lantern with a 35w SOX lamp. The column had been replaced by 2006, and a new Thorn Gamma Basique was in place.

Another nearby Z5678 sports the longer cone and may run a 55w SOX lamp. The canopy has been damaged.

An Eleco GR2 SOX lantern fitted to a huge 10m Stewart & Lloyd column. The column had been replaced by 2006 with a new Stainton 10m hexagonal steel and 250w Urbis Sapphire. The column had also been re-sited outside the private property.

An Eleco HW918 MBF lantern on a quiet residential cul-de-sac.

A GEC Z5560DB lantern on a path by a swimming pool. The outer globe is cracked and the lantern may not still work.

A modern Urbis St Giles Zebra lantern used to light a crossing in Abingdon. The lamp is some sort of Metal Halide.

A small village was found to be home to half a dozen or so of these wonderful Mercury geared Eleco HW1160 lanterns.

On a main street in Henley-on-Thames is this white painted geared Thorn Alpha 3. The cell is an early SELC 841. Update- November 2005: New St in Henley-on-Thames has been relit with new columns and DW Windsor 'Windsor' heritage lanterns.

A chance trip down a side alley found this excellent pair of GEC Z5590 lanterns. Both run mercury lamps still, and one proves this as it was on-by-day.

Much of the side street lighting in Henley is still by these GEC Z5670 lanterns on concrete columns.

A Thorn Gamma 5 in one car-park.

And a Thorn Gamma 8 in another.

LEFT: The only mercury lantern to be found in the town of Wallingford was this Eleco HW918 on a back lane. The cell is a RTE P42.

RIGHT: a Thorn Beta 5 on a freshly painted column in Goring at dusk.

A close-up of the Wallingford HW918.

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