Cirencester 'Dioptrions'

A tip-off from a fellow collector lead me to take a trip to Cirencester in Summer 2006. I was hoping to see 4 GEC 'Dioptrion' lanterns which were supposedly in a Cirencester carpark. This could not be confirmed however, so I just had to hope! Luckily I found the carpark, and was in for a huge surprise.

There were in fact 16 of these rare GEC lanterns remaining in the carpark, and only one was damaged; missing its lower cover. All now run 150w SON lamps, although they would originally have been 250/400w MA/H lamps. On the broken example, I could see that the original magnetic arc deflector was now missing, but at least the lantern was extant at all! At some point in the past they have been fitted to metal sleeves, which has undoubtedly saved them from removal due to failed concrete brackets. The 8m concrete columns are all in good condition, and there are a mixture of single and double columns.


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