Yealmpton Lighting Pictures

This estate has a wealth of lighting interest: firstly a GEC Z8896 lantern, running an 80W MBF lamp and switched by an RTE Oasis 2000 cell on another pole nearby. 

Update- January 2007: this first GEC Z8896 has now been replaced by an Urbis ZXU1 lantern. This was due to poor control box condition picked up by routine maintenance.

A GEC Unknown lantern with 80W MBF lamp. The lantern is fitted with a replacement clear glass bowl in place of the usual refractor version.

A GEC 'Z5500' Brookvale lantern, running an 80W MBF lamp and switched by an RTE Oasis 2000 cell on the pole. 

A GEC Z5580BP lantern with 70W SON lamp.

The only column in the installation carries a GEC Z5670 lantern, running an 80W MBF lamp and switched by a Sirebeck Ltd S90 cell on the canopy. Column is a Cohen steel. 

Another GEC Brookvale lantern with a Mercury lamp. This pole has an RTE Oasis 2000 cell and contactor and is a control point for other lanterns in the road. This would originally have been a time-clock.

A GEC Z8896 lantern, running an 80W MBF lamp. Central to the photo is a new wood pole- awaiting the transfer of the services from the existing pole. 

Update- March 2006: the lantern did not make it to the new pole- an Urbis ZX1 was fitted instead.

This residential road is a haven for old 80w MBF/U post top lanterns. Firstly we have a pair of group switched Revo Solumbra lanterns.

Update- March 2007: Devon County column replacements have hit the road- and sadly both Solumbras have now gone. Philips SGS252 Iridiums are now in place on new 6m Mallatite steel columns.

And there are also no less than 5 Eleco PT828 lanterns. All are controlled by individual timeswitches.

Update- March 2007: two of the PT828s have now been replaced. Luckily the other 3 remain- but probably only until the next batch of Devon County column replacement works comes in.

A GEC Z5580 lantern with 80W MBF lamp. The lantern is fitted with a clear polycarbonate outer globe. This lantern is a control point- hence the extra control box.

A GEC Z5580BP lantern with 80W MBF lamp. This lantern is mounted on a pole on a foot path- leaving maintenance fairly tricky!

Another mercury GEC Z5580BP. This lantern is switched by a part-night SS9 cell on the pole- which also switches another couple of columns.

A GEC Z5590 lantern with 80W MBF lamp. This pole is actually two control points- and is fitted with two extra control boxes. A time-clock in one controls this lantern and column #2, while a cell atop the higher box switches a lantern in another road. Another visit in 2007 found the control box open, giving a glimpse of the Mercury gear and cutout.

An Unknown GEC lantern with 80W MBF lamp.

A GEC Z8896 80W lantern on a Cohen steel column. This road still plays host to a number of these mercury lanterns.

A GEC Z8896 lantern with 80W MBF lamp.

Update- September 2005: the lantern was unlit due to failed connection to the overhead lines. This was repaired but the lantern was reconnected to another service, and therefore is no longer controlled by the switched wire and Burning in Day. It may well be replaced.

The lantern has now been replaced.

Another GEC Z5590 mercury lantern. A clock controls this lantern.

A GEC Unknown lantern switched by a Cableform SS5 cell and running an 80W lamp. A second visit found the lantern on early as the cell was covered ivy.

A GEC Brookvale lantern fitted with an 80W Mercury lamp.

A GEC Z5580 lantern running an 80W MBF lamp, and switched by a cell on a pole right down the far end of the road.

Another Z5580 lantern- this time right under the trees!

This residential road has 7 columns, and amazingly 6 columns still hold their original Z8596 lanterns. These run 80W Mercury lamps and are switched by clocks in column bases. Only one has been cell converted. #1 is the only replacement lantern- an Urbis ZX1.

Update- January 2007: sadly the road has undergone a complete column replacement and all Cohen columns and GEC Z8596s have been removed.



Another GEC unknown lantern on a wood pole mounting.

This country lane has an AC Ford AC848 lantern running a 70W SON-I lamp.

And also a GEC unknown lantern on a wood pole mounting. The outer globe is a clear replacement.

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