Wotter Lighting Pictures

Undoubtedly the oldest lantern remaining through the village is this GEC Z5500 'Brookvale' lantern probably dating from c1954. Control is by a SELC cell on the wood pole, and the lamp is an 80w Mercury.

Further on down the lane are some more GEC lanterns. All run 80w Mercury lamps and are switched by various photocells. Firstly a pair of Z5580BPs with prismatic bowls:

And then a Z5580 with standard polycarbonate bowl.

Although once one of many, this is now the only GEC 'Unknown' lantern left in Wotter. It still runs a Mercury lamp, and is switched faithfully every night by the group switched wire.

Update- November 2007: the last GEC Unknown has been replaced.

The overhead switch wire also controls this GEC Z8896 lantern on a hockey stick column down on the main road. The lamp is now a 70w SON, although it was probably Mercury originally.

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