Wembury Lighting Pictures

A GEC Z8896 with 80W mercury lamp. Control is by a part-night Venner MSQP clock in the base of the column- a 5m CU concrete. This is one of 5 Mercury Z8896 lanterns remaining in the road- a rare sight in today's sea of Sodium.

Update- October 2005: all 5 of the Z8896 lanterns have now gone due to concrete column replacements. Columns are 6m CU Steels, lanterns are are Urbis ZXU1s.

Also on the road are a few Z8896 lanterns on 5m steel hockey stick columns. These run 70w SON-I lamps however, but are still controlled by time switches.

Another GEC Z8896, but with a number of differences: the column is a 5m steel, the lamp is a 125W Mercury, and the clock is a Horstmann KMK2A. The blue tape indicates the column is a Control Point- the clock also switching another column nearby.

Update- October 2005: due to a wave of column replacements in the village, this column has also now been replaced.

This 5m CU column carries a GEC Z5670 lantern. The lamp is an 80W and the column is group switched.

The column was replaced in July/August of 2005. A new 5m CU steel column and Urbis ZXU1 lantern was erected.

A Revo Solumbra running an 80W mercury lamp. The base casting is still in the original factory blue paint.

The column was replaced in August/September of 2005. A new 5m CU steel column and Urbis ZXU1 lantern was erected.

An 80W GEC Unknown lantern switched by a SELC 841 cell on the wood pole.

A GEC Z8896 with 80W MBF lamp. The column is a 5m Concrete Utilities.

Update- October 2005: the complete removal of all concrete columns in Wembury has seen this Z8896 disappear now too.

A GEC Z5715 with 70W SON-I lamp.

An excellent installation of 3 Revo Prefects. They run 80W Mercury lamps & are group switched. All still contain their glass refractor rings and carry clear glass bowls.

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