Ugborough Lighting Pictures

An installation of 3 GEC Z5679 lanterns, running 80W MBF lamps and switched by Cableform SS9 (part-night) cells. These lanterns have not got any internal refractor rings as the Z5679 was supplied minus these.

Update- December 2007: only one of the three concrete columns and Z5679 lanterns remains now due to replacement works. Even this one will shortly be replaced. New steel columns and Urbis ZXU1 lanterns are in place.

In the village square is this Thorn EP145 Heritage style lantern with 70W SON-I lamp. The lantern is fitted to a wall mount.

Update- December 2007: the lantern has now been replaced with a new Heritage style fitting running a 70w SON-T lamp.

A Simplex Diadem lantern on a 5m Hockey Stick Column. The lantern runs an 80W Mercury lamp, and is group switched.

Private- a  pair of Thorn Beta 2 lanterns running 55W SOX lamps. The lanterns are controlled by integral Cableform SS5 cells The lanterns are fitted to 5m CU columns, and are owned by a housing association.

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