Totnes Lighting Pictures

These old concrete columns, of which Totnes still retains a few, used to be fitted with SOX lanterns. Sadly I missed photographing them before the last ones were replaced with SON lanterns. This example would have lost its SOX lantern a few years ago now, probably in the late 1980s when this Thorn Beta 79 was fitted. The unusual thing about these columns is the way the brackets are intentionally bare of concrete.

Although not lanterns, now increasingly rare are these internally lit signs. Illuminated by a pair of 15w fluorescent tubes these may be the only pair left in the town. All but a handful have been gradually replaced in the area due to the fact that these old signs have no reflective capabilities, and, should the lamps fail, are not visible at night.

A close-up now of a GEC Z8896 lantern. This example runs a 70w SON lamp and the photocell is a Royce Thompson Q7. These cells were available in both all and part-night variants.

A side street is home to a Phosco P111 lantern running a 70w SON-I lamp. This example has no form of refractor ring, and it may well never have had one. The bracket arm is holding the control gear for the lamp.

A Mike Smith Victorian lantern looks quite at home on this pedestal mounting in The Plains, and as is standard on these, a 70w SON lamp is employed.

Nearby area lighting is provided by Holophane Module 600 bulkheads running 150w SON-T lamps.

Lighting for one of the station's approach roads is lit by private Phosco P392 lanterns running SON-T lamps. These would have replaced GLS lamped enamel shade lanterns which lit the railway land in the 1960s. These are the only examples I know of in the area.

A plethora of bollard images now. Firstly a rare one: this is actually a Phosco P249 concrete fluorescent fitting. 4 vertical tubes are fitted and light shines out of the slats through opal perspex. Sadly this example is no longer in use and vandals have broken the perspex in places.

A footpath is home to a set of more modern bollards not too far away. Both run SON lamps, of either 50 or 70w SON-I. The bollards are Crompton Churchouse and Crownlight respectively.

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