Torquay Lighting Pictures

Without doubt one of the most aesthetically pleasing installations EVER is this GEC Z5500 'Brookvale' lantern mounted on a Stanton concrete swan-neck and column. The lamp is now a 70w SON-I, but it would have been Mercury before, and maybe even Tungsten originally. Control is no longer by a timeclock, but by a Fisher Karpark minicell.

Further down the road is another Stanton column, but this time sporting a GEC Z5560 lantern. The bowl on this lantern is a polycarbonate teardrop type. It still retains its inner refractor dome thankfully.

Yet another GEC Z5560 lantern on a Stanton column, but this time the swan-neck is a standard curved bracket. This may have been chosen due to its tight clearance with the building behind.

Once a common sight in the area, there are now not so many of these Thorn Beta 4 lanterns left. This lone example is hanging on in its residential setting though, and still has its glass inner refractor dome. The lamp is a 125w MBF/U. The bowl is presumably acrylic, as if it was polycarbonate it would be yellowed by now.

Another Beta 4 found in the town has been subtley fitted with a photocell. The Hy-Lite HL2 and NEMA socket have been drilled straight into the canopy.

Another excellent find in the town is this GEC Z5560DB lantern with the deep glass refractor bowl. There are still a fair few left although out of the town they are like gold-dust.

There are still a good few GEC Z8430CM lanterns left in the town, although they will likely all be removed during 2006. They would have run MBF/U lamps originally, but are now fitted with SON-T lamps.

This row of Z8430CMs is now no-more, but luckily a few were saved, and I managed to obtain one for my collection.

On another road in the town there is a lone Z8430CM remaining. This one has a modern RTE Oasis 2000 photocell mounted on the column top.

This is a very special lantern as it is a Z8430- the predecessor to the common Z8430CM lantern. The main difference is the outer globe design. The Z8430CM was a later design and had a glass bowl made specially for the elliptical, coated MBF/U lamps which were new at the time. This is the only Z8430 know in Devon. A lone example can be found in Crewkerne, Dorset.

There are a number of Revo Diadems to be found in Torquay, generally on hockey stick columns. Unlike later Simplex versions, these have glass bowls and this particular example is in mint condition. The lamp is an 80w Mercury and control by a 2-part photocell.

Another excellent Revo find is this wonderful 'Bell Top' lantern with prismatic tapered glass bowl. There were a couple in this small road but now only the one remains.

This is an unusual installation, and due to the lack of column number I presume it is private. The lantern is an Eleco PT1031 but what lamp it runs is unknown.

On private land is this ultra-rare Thorn Alpha 7 lantern with 250w MBF/U lamp. This is the integral-geared version. The column is also a Thorn product- an 8m aluminium column.

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