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Although much of Devon's side roads were generally the domain of Mercury lamps, Teignmouth favoured SOX lighting. Today however, much of this has gone with only a few reminders of the lighting from the past. One such survivor is this neat little Phosco P122 lantern running a 35w SOX lamp. Control gear is mounted in the column base, however they were also supplied with integral control gear I believe.

Another small SOX lantern still to be found is this 35w GEC Z9491. It is also in a weathered blue colour, which seems to be the colour of choice chosen in the past to paint lanterns on concrete columns. This lantern is mounted on its original GEC 5m concrete column with angular bracket.

Another GEC SOX lantern but this time a larger 90w example. This geared Z9464 seems to be one of the very few main road SOX lanterns left in the town, and may have survived due to it being in a side road rather than a main thoroughfare. Control for this lantern is from a minicell in the feeder pillar at the base of the metal pole.

One of the few Mercury lanterns in the city is this Simplex Diadem Major. It is privately owned, and is one of a pair on a rugby club building. They both run ageing MBF/U lamps and are controlled by a wall mounted RTE P5 photocell.

Although fluorescent lighting in its original form is now extinct on the county's streets, railway stations can still be found which are lit by this method. Teignmouth station still has a number of its classic 'T' shaped fluorescent installations complete with the station name on the bowl.

One column has been replaced in the past, but even this still uses fluorescent lanterns and is adorned by a pair of GEC Z8260s. Judging by the colour of the lamp ends it is probably in need of a lamp change.

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