Sparkwell Lighting Pictures

The main road through the village is lit in the majority by GEC 'Unknown' Mercury lanterns. These lanterns dating from 1961 run 80w MBF lamps and are group switched.

During early September 2007, a relighting scheme took place in Sparkwell. The main road had all its lanterns changed for new Urbis Sapphires with 45w Cosmopolis lamps.

One of the GECs had its original refractor bowl replaced with a thick glass Revo anti-vandal type.

This lantern was replaced during the works.

 There is also a casual replacement in the form of a GEC Z8896 probably dating from the late 1970s.

The Z8896 too was swept away by the relighting scheme.

residential side road in the village also has a number of old lanterns. There are again a few GEC Unknown lanterns, but there is also a lone GEC Z5500 'Brookvale' lantern which will predate the 'Unknown' type. This example has been converted to 70w SON-I lamp at some time in the past. It's an excellent original installation otherwise, with its bracket and control box.

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