South Brent Lighting Pictures

Now the only lantern left in the town running an 80w Mercury lamp is this heritage DW Windsor 'Windsor' lantern. It is typical of the older style of lantern; being fitted with a glass refractor ring around the lamp. Control is by a 2-part photocell mounted in the control box nearby.

Update- December 2007: as part of the re-lighting of South Brent with Cosmopolis lamps, the lantern has now been replaced with an Urbis Abbey running a 45w Cosmo lamp.

Right next to the control box for the above lantern is another relic: an internally lit left-turn sign. Illuminated by a pair of 15w fluorescent tubes it is now one of a dying breed. All but a handful have been replaced due to the fact that these old signs have no reflective capabilities, and, should the lamps fail, are not visible at night.

Ongoing concrete column replacement works mean that there are now not too many examples left around Devon towns. One cul-de-sac still has its originals remaining although even these will soon be replaced. The lanterns are Davis GR70s.

Update- December 2007: the columns have been replaced. 6m tapered aluminium columns and 45w Urbis Sapphire 1s are now lighting the road.

A pilot scheme for the area is centred on South Brent. This is the use of lanterns containing the new Cosmopolis lamps. Here as of July 2007 Urbis Sapphire 1 lanterns have been installed complete with 45w Cosmo lamps. These have been mounted on new tapered aluminium columns. Eventually the whole of South Brent is intended to be re-lit with white light. The re-lighting also extended to pole mounted lanterns; these being fitted on existing or, if required, replacement ones.

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