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The Esplanade- the original lanterns and wooden columns along The Esplanade were replaced in 2004 by brand new steel columns and Urbis Victory lanterns. These new lanterns have been fitted with 70w CDM-T lamps. Although the new lanterns are very smart, its a shame that all the original lanterns and columns are now just history. Photos courtesy & © Stephen Rowe

On a small side road off the main street in Sidmouth is this wonderful forgotten installation. The lantern is a Mercury-lamped GEC Z8896. The column is a steel GEC hexagonal shaped example with swan neck bracket. The two-part Fisher Karpark photocell is faulty and so the lantern is burning in day- and has been for a good few years I'm told!

Now one of only 9 remaining in the town, this Revo Prefect can still be found in a wonderfully rural setting. The lamp is a 125w MBF and control is by a time clock in the control box. The control box and swan neck are also Revo, and were installed together in the 1970s. The original lantern was a GEC Brookvale running a tungsten lamp.

I was eager to photograph all of the Prefects left in the town, and luckily found all of them. The next pair are on a small cul-de-sac. The lamps are 80w MBF/U and switching is by timeclocks,

Another pair on another cul-de-sac. This pair are group switched however and have 125w lamps.

Update- August 2007: sadly both Prefects have been removed due to column replacements.

The final pair can be found on a small lane, and again are controlled by time clocks.

Yet another Prefect controlled by a time clock and running a 125w MBF/U lamp.

Update- February 2006: the lantern has now been replaced by an Urbis ZX1 fitted with an SS9 part-night cell. There are now only 8 Prefects left in the town.

Number 9- the final Prefect in the town! Again a running an MBF/U lamp.

An excellent little find is this GEC Z5580BP on a private road. The lantern was previously group switched, but is now controlled by its own FKI 2-part cell on the control box.

This GEC Z8896 is mounted on a 5m 'Hockey Stick' column and is running a 125w Mercury lamp. Control is by some sort of 2-part cell.

A small pathway is still home to no less than 5 Mercury lanterns; one being this Simplex Diadem. Control is by a Fisher Karpark 2-part cell in the control box.

Next up are a pair of GEC Z5590 lanterns on cast columns. The lamps are 125w MBF/U and switching is by a SELC 842-2P cell on another lantern. The lanterns still have their glass refractor rings intact.

At the end is a GEC Z8896 lantern acting as the group switch point. The SELC 842-2P cell is mounted on the canopy with the control part in the column base. The lamp is again an MBF/U. Unusually, the column has a control box fitted in addition to it having a base compartment.

Many thanks to Steve Rowe for his tour around Sidmouth- without which I would never have found these excellent surviving streetlights!

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