Seaton Lighting Pictures

This excellent 'forgotten' installation of lanterns can be found on a private road. The lanterns are Thorn Beta 4s, but they could be the earlier Atlas version, or even the predecessor to that: the AEI Kirby. The control for the lanterns is either faulty, or has been removed and they are burning-in-day. The lamps are both MBF/U, although years of use and cloudy bowl mean that light output is pretty useless.

A building mounted Eleco HW 720 lantern can also be found. What lamp is run or whether it still works is unknown, but as it is private it may still be an MBF/U lamp.

I also discovered a road which had only just been relit with brand new columns and Holophane Syracuse lanterns running 57w PL/L lamps. These lanterns have been used in Devon with 150w SON-T lamps on main roads, but never with CFL lamps for side roads. Could it be a taste of things to come?...

A private hotel site has a wonderful set of Revo Prefect lanterns on swan necks, and at least 5 adorn their entrance way.

Devon Lighting


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