Paignton Lighting Pictures

This GEC Z8430CM is now one of only 3 known survivors left in the town now following many removals recently. The lamp is a SON-T.

A residential road is home to 3 GEC Z8596 mercury lanterns on Cohen hockey stick columns.

Nearby is one of the later GEC Z8896 lanterns. This one is also still running a Mercury lamp- but the timeclock has failed, and looks to have been day-burning for a good while.

A GEC Z8896 lantern on a swan neck bracket. The column is unusual as it is a fluted steel shaft with no base area at all. The lantern is switched by a 2-part cell.

I found at least 4 of these wonderful GEC Z5580B lanterns mounted on their original GEC concrete columns up a steep hill. The lamps are mercury and control is by 2-part cells.

Another road has a GEC concrete column and mercury lantern, but this time it was a GEC Z5560DB- with the deep glass bowl.

A GEC Z5560DB can also be found in a back lane mounted on a 5m Stewart & Lloyd steel column.

Private: This has to be one of the best pubs in the whole of Devon with regards carpark lighting. There are 3 8m GEC concrete columns with rare flat glass Z8420 lanterns. I have not seen them lit, but they may still run Mercury lamps. There are also 3 or 4 complete GEC Z8454 fluorescent lanterns on shorter GEC concrete columns.

Update- Summer 2007: sadly due to new ownership the pub was revamped and the carpark lighting replaced. This was in the form of 70w SON floods crudely bolted onto the wrecked carcasses of the old GEC lanterns.

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