Noss Mayo Lighting Pictures

Firstly, the familiar 80w GEC 'Unknown' lantern. The support arm for this bracket is no longer attached to the pole, and is just resting on top of the lantern.

An early white painted aluminium Thorn Beta 79, probably dating from around 1983, can be found. This would have been a replacement for a top entry lantern of some sort. The lamp is a 70w SON-I.

Another 80w GEC Unknown lantern. Many of the lanterns on this road have never been painted in the familiar Devon County sage green.

A GEC Z8896 lantern running a 70W SON-I lamp.

The next lantern on the road was formerly a GEC Brookvale lantern. It was replaced in October 2004. Luckily I managed to save it for my collection.

A GEC Z5580BP mercury lantern. Note the lack of decoration on the finial. This was characteristic of finials installed with GEC Z5580 lanterns for some reason.

Another GEC Z5580BP lantern, but this time the installation is in excellent condition. The control box and bracket have been painted up well and there should be no need to replace this lantern for the time being.

Probably my favourite lantern of the village is this Revo Prefect. The switching cell (a Fisher Karpark SS5) is a control point cell, hence the blue painted box (which would probably have held a time clock). The lantern still carries an intact glass bowl and internal refractor ring, and is in excellent condition. The finial appears to be an unusual plain style- so was probably fitted with the lantern. The lamp is an 80W MBF.

Another 80w Revo Prefect lantern. This lantern has no internal glass ring, but is in good condition, and may never have had one. Switching is by a SELC 841 cell adjacent to the box. The control box is a large size, which would have been big enough to hold gear and a clock before cells were fitted.

An 80w GEC Z5500 'Brookvale' lantern. This is probably one of the oldest lanterns left in the area. A replacement control box has been fitted at some point, but the old has been left in place- possibly it proved very difficult to remove.

On Pillory Hill is this 80w GEC Unknown lantern. This is identical to my own Unknown lantern, which came from another pole of this same road.

Another 50 year old relic- this 80w GEC Brookvale lantern. 

A final picture of a GEC Z8832 for reference purposes. The lantern is very similar to the Davis Starline, but there are noticeable differences close-up. This lantern is not fitted with a NEMA socket, so the cell has been fitted to the control box instead.

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