Newton Ferrers Lighting Pictures

An 80w Simplex Diadem lantern. This lantern is switched by a recently-fitted Oasis 2000 cell on the pole above. Access to the lantern is by ladder only, as it is situated on a narrow steep path.

On the hill can be found a GEC Z8896 lantern with 80W MBF lamp. The control box is a plastic Legrand replacement of the old GEC Metal type, and carries a fairly new 80W Parmar Choke. The bracket is cranked as it was fitted to avoid the service running down the front of the pole.

Update- April 2006: I discovered that the lantern has recently been replaced with an Urbis ZXU1.

A common sight in the 2 villages of Newton Ferrers & Noss Mayo is the GEC Unknown lantern with refractor globe. The lamps are almost exclusively 80W Mercury. There are many still in use in the villages.

An uncommon GEC Z5560 lantern with 80W MBF lamp. The bowl is a polycarbonate type, but whether this is original is unknown. It has been painted on one side to cut out light spillage. There is one other Z5560 in the village.

Another GEC Unknown lantern with 80W MBF lamp. The pole carries 3 control boxes- one beneath the lantern for the control gear, and the other 2 are for the group switching. The blue metal box would have contained a clock, but now is replaced by a cell on the pole. The blue painted box was to aid engineers finding control points.

Spotted on private land, a Revo Prefect lantern mounted on a garage wall. The lamp now appears to be a GLS type. The lantern may well have been installed locally originally, as this type of clear glass bowl is the common variant seen.

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