Lutton Lighting Pictures

Probably one of the most common lanterns in Devon around Plymouth: the 80w GEC Unknown lantern. The bracket is painted brown to indicate that it is within 1m of the overhead line. This would otherwise be in the standard DCC sage green.

Nearby a rare GEC Z5560 lantern for 70W SON-I lamp. The outer globe is polycarbonate, but whether this is original is uncertain. As is common with these overhead wire installations, switching is by a remote Control Point (CP)

An unusual bracket holds a GEC Z8896 lantern fitted with an 80W MBF lamp. 

Updtae- June 2007: the lantern has been replaced by an Urbis ZXU1 with an Oasis 2000 photocell. A new bracket was used to mount the new lantern.

Devon Lighting


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