Loddiswell Lighting Pictures

This is a rarity in the area- a Phosco P132 lantern. It runs an 80w MBF/U, and is switched by a Fisher Karpark 2-part photocell- the 'eye' of which can be seen on the lantern canopy. The column is a 5m Concrete Utilities. The column is scheduled to be replaced in 2007 as part of the continuing removal of concrete columns.

Update- December 2007: the column was replaced as intended. A new steel column and Urbis ZXU1 are now in place.

On a nearby road is another old Mercury lantern on a concrete column. This time it's a GEC Z8896. This is now the only survivor; the other columns in the road having been replaced in the last year. Quite why this example was left is unknown, but it will almost certainly be replaced at some point during 2007.

Update- December 2007: the column has now been replaced.

Another old lantern in the village is this GEC Z5580 also running a Mercury lamp still. It's complete with a nice cast control box which I believe is of GEC origin.

Update- December 2007: the lantern has been replaced with an Urbis ZXU1 running 70w SON-T lamp. This could be an effort to make the whole village SON lamped as this was previously the only Mercury lantern left.

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