Kingskerswell Lighting Pictures

Although the main roads through Kingskerswell are lit by modern lanterns, a fair few side streets still hold some gems; mainly in the form of GEC Mercury lanterns.

Here we have a couple of GEC Z8691 geared lanterns. The first is a very unusual sight as it is mounted on a cast column and swan neck. This example has been fitted with a SELC 841 photocell.

The second lantern is on an old Revo fluted steel column. Judging by the condition of the bracket, the column may not be long for this world.

There are also a couple of remote geared GEC Z8896s on steel columns.

The next road has already had new lighting installed. An increasingly common sight in Devon is the Urbis Sapphire 1 lantern with 45w Cosmo lamp.

Another couple of rare GEC side entry lanterns now. Firstly a GEC Z8491. This particular example still retains its lovely glass outer globe.

Finally we have a GEC Z8596. Close inspection reveals the subtle differences in the GEC series of small MBF lanterns.

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