Kingsbridge Lighting Pictures

A rare GEC Z8691 lantern. The lamp is an 80W MBF, and control is by a RTE P5 cell on the pole. Control gear is held within the lantern. 

A mass exodus of replacements took place in April/May 2005- sadly this lantern was a casualty. An Urbis 70W ZXU1 took its place.

A GEC Z8896 lantern running an MBF lamp. Switching is by a SELC 841 cell on the lantern.

A GEC Z5580 lantern with polycarbonate outer globe. The lamp is an 80W Mercury. Switching is by a cell in a nearby sub-station. The column is a 5m CU Concrete.

A lone Phosware P151 on a wall mounting. Lamp is a 150W SON-T, and the cell is a SELC 841. The same glassware is used in this lantern as in the AEI lanterns in the town.

Update- December 2005: I have noticed that they have now replaced this lantern too now. The new lantern, a Holophane Syracuse, has been mounted on a new Pudsey Diamond bracket/box.

An AEI 'Brampton' side-entry lantern. A 150W SON-T lamp is fitted, and control is by an RTE P5 cell on the column top. The outer globe is glass. The column is an 8m Stewart & Lloyd steel.

The lantern was replaced by a Holophane Syracuse in April/May 2005; along with ALL other 'Bramptons' in the town. These were replaced as they contained asbestos.

A rare GEC Z8591 lantern on a CU Concrete column. The lantern carries an 80W lamp, and is switched by a timeclock in the base.

An Urbis ZX1 now adorns the column.

A footpath is home to this GEC Z5580B lantern on a 5m CU Concrete column. The globe is glass, and the lamp an 80W. Control is by a cell on another column. There is an identical installation further along the path.

Round the corner is a GEC Z8896 lantern. The lamp is an 80w MBF. Not surprisingly, the only access to this lantern would be a ladder!

A Simplex Diadem Major lantern with integral gear and an 80W lamp. Control is by group switching.

This lantern is now an Urbis ZX1.

The other GEC Z8591 lantern in the town- complete with 80W lamp and group switching. The column is a 5m CU Concrete.

Up the hill is an 80W Simplex Diadem Major lantern. Gear is held within the lantern, and switching is by a 2-part cell on the control box.

In a housing estate are a few Phosco P178 lanterns with mercury lamps on a wall mounts. The globe on this example has suffered from the UV rays over the years.

A set of 3 Revo Prefect lanterns on a 5m CU Concrete columns. A 70W SON-T lamp is fitted to the first; the other 2 running 80W Mercury lamps. The globes are Revo clear glass versions, along with dome refractors. One lantern is fitted with a 2-part cell, and is the CP for the first few column in the road.

Update- May 2005: the first Prefect lantern has had its glass globe smashed. Replacement will almost certainly be its fate.

Against all the odds, the smashed Prefect is still hanging on, and by March 2007 is still in useful service.

Just along the road is a GEC Z5560 lantern with polycarbonate globe. The lamp is an 80W and switching is from the Prefect (above). None of the Z5560s in the town have glass dome refractors- but i'm uncertain whether they once did. The column is a 5m CU concrete.

Update- 2006: the elderly GEC lantern has been replaced by a new 70w SON Urbis ZXU1 lantern.

One estate is a haven for old lanterns, and many old GEC top entry lanterns survive. They virtually all run 80W MBF lamps, and are mounted on 5m CU Concrete columns. Switching is by a cell on the sub-station.

Firstly an example of the GEC Z5560s- carrying a polycarbonate outer globe.

Now a GEC Z5580 with polycarbonate outer globe.

And a GEC Z5580B lantern- a glass globe being used here.

Nearby is an unusual combination of a GEC Z8896 lantern on a short-bracket CU Concrete column.

PRIVATE- a Thorn Beta 8 lantern for 55W SOX lamp. The column is a Thorn aluminium type.

PRIVATE- a Thorn Riga Plus lantern complete with PL fluorescent lamp and Zodion NEMA cell. This lantern has been installed as part of a new school extension, and lights the path with many other examples.

PRIVATE- a number of these Heritage lanterns light a Doctor's Surgery carpark. They run 70W SON-I lamps. The door of the column is a rough replacement; the original door presumably having been vandalised.

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