Holsworthy Lighting Pictures

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The carpark in the centre of Holsworthy was found to be home to 2 rare GEC lanterns. Firstly a GEC Z8430CM which runs a SON lamp and was on-by-day on the day of the visit.

Secondly a Z8596 was found. The column is a 5m aluminium of possible Thorn manufacture.

The road to a supermarket is now lit by their lanterns mounted on new 5m columns. The original street lighting is still there however, and this comprises a pair of AEI Kirby lanterns. These are the predecessor to Thorn's Beta 4 lantern. The lamps in these lanterns are ageing Mercury, and one of the lanterns' photocell has failed leaving it on-by-day.

A BT compound was discovered that still has fluorescent lighting in the town. Although they are probably long since defunct, the two Phosco P141 lanterns look intact and would probably work if needed.

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