Holbeton Lighting Pictures

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Undoubtedly the oldest lantern in the village is this GEC Z5500 'Brookvale' from around 1954. It runs an 80w Mercury lamp and, although once controlled by a timeclock, a SELC photocell is now mounted on the wood pole adjacent.

Nearby is another GEC top entry lantern this time a later Z5580. The lamp is again an 80w Mercury but the photocell is a Sirebeck S90 dating from around the mid 1990s. The bowl clip is undone, although the bowl is still wedged shut at present.

One lane is home to no less than 3 GEC Mercury lanterns. Firstly are a pair of GEC 'Unknown' lanterns dating from around 1961. Mercury lamps are again used and photocells control them.

The final lantern is a GEC Z5580BP. This carries the prismatic bowl, and is really a later version of the 'Unknown' found above.

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