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A wonderful find in the town is this rare GEC Brookvale lantern in a tiny cul-de-sac. Brookvales are now a rare lantern in the county, and the fact that this one is on a concrete column means that its life may soon be cut short by the continuing concrete column replacement program.

Nearby is another top entry lantern this time a Phosco P132. The lamp is again an 80w Mercury and the column a 5m concrete. The bowl screw appears to have failed on this lantern as it is currently tied shut.

One residential close is home to no less than 3 top entry Mercury lanterns. Firstly a Phosco P132 can be found on a 5m CU concrete column:

Next are a pair of Revo Bell Top lanterns. These are now becoming increasingly rare, but this pair are in perfect condition with tapered glass refractor bowls.

A residential estate which probably dates from the mid-1970s was exclusively lit with Mercury GEC Z5680 lanterns. Many have now been replaced but a handful remain on 5m CU columns, and also on wall mounts.

Some are at a very low level!

One garage block has a larger overhang, and this posed a problem to the installation of a outreach arm and Z5680 lantern. The answer which they came up with is pretty unorthodox and almost certainly unique! A Simplex Diadem lantern mounted with its top against the wall!

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