Dartmouth Lighting Pictures

It appears that in the past, Dartmouth's main road lighting was formed of AEI 'Brampton' lanterns on Stewart & Lloyd columns, with Revo Diadem lanterns on side streets, again on S&L columns, or existing cast columns. Main road replacements have been WRTL MRL6's, while side streets have had Davis GR70's and Urbis ZX1's fitted.

The final Brampton in Dartmouth, and indeed probably the whole of Devon, was removed in mid-January 2006. Luckily it was saved and is now in a collection.

Along the riverside are a number of Thorn Alpha 7 lanterns on Stewart & Lloyd steel columns. The lanterns run SON-T lamps, are the remote-geared variant, and are group switched. Casual replacements have been WRTL MRL6s. About half a dozen Alpha 7s still remain. These lanterns are set to be removed during 2007/8.

In the corner of a carpark a GEC Z8896 with 125W MBF lamp is fitted to a 5m Hockey stick column. Switching is by a part-night Sangamo timeclock, although it is faulty at present.

An AEI 'Brampton' lantern fitted with 150W SON-T lamp. Switching is by a SELC 841 cell on top of the column- an 8m Stewart & Lloyd.

Update- January 2006: all Bramptons have now been removed from Dartmouth.

A Revo Diadem lantern with glass outer globe. The lamp is an 80W, and the cell is a SELC 841. The column is a 5m fluted Stewart & Lloyd steel.

This GEC Z8896 lantern, running an 80W Mercury lamp, appears to have been a casual replacement in the past as there are no others on the road. The column is a cast, and the lantern is attached to a Revo control box and swan neck.

A residential area is home to a large cluster of 80W Revo Diadem lanterns on 5m Stewart & Lloyd columns. 11 remain, with only a couple of casual replacements. One is fitted on a double- armed bracket with a new Urbis ZX1.

Update- December 2007: the whole of the road has had its Daidems replaced. ZX1s and ZXU1s are now in place.

One of the few concrete columns in the town holds a GEC Z5580 lantern with polycarbonate globe and 80W lamp. The column is a 5m Concrete Utilities.

Nearby is this GEC Z5580B lantern, carrying a shallow glass outer globe. Again, the lamp is an 80W mercury and the column is a CU Concrete.

In a small lane is this Revo Diadem lantern on a very angular Revo bracket and control box. The column is a cast.

A comon sight in the town is the Revo Diadem lantern complete with glass outer globe and 80W Mercury lamp. This example is mounted on a cast column with a control box of Revo design. The lantern is day-burning, which is odd as it appears that the other lanterns on the group control are not.

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