Cornwood Lighting Pictures

Quite a rare sight- a Simplex Diadem Major lantern. This example runs a 70W SON-I lamp and is switched by a SELC 841 cell. This lantern carries integral control gear. An identical lantern was fitted in the village, and I acquired this when it was removed.

Update- June 2007: the lantern was recently replaced by a brand new Urbis ZXU1 lantern with electronic gear and minicell.

A pair of CU concrete columns which are fitted with fairly new Urbis ZX1 lanterns. The continuing concrete column removal policy of Devon County Council means that these are two of many programmed in for replacement during the summer of 2007. I took these pictures to record their existence before they are finally removed.

Just along the road is a GEC Unknown lantern with 80W MBF lamp. The lantern carries a replacement polycarbonate globe, which has been cut down to fit the lantern. Control is by a new pole-mounted RTE Oasis 2000 thermal cell. Control would originally have been a time-clock- as the plate below shows...

Devon Lighting


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