Chagford Lighting Pictures

Although most of the town's lanterns have been replaced in recent years, one road still retains a few older types. There can be found a Thorn Gamma 6:

A Thorn Gamma 8- this is very rare and I don't know of any others in the local area. The column is a Thorn aluminium type. The lamp type is unknown.

Finally there is a GEC Z5715 remote-geared lantern.

In the village centre there are some very old wall brackets which sadly now have Urbis ZX1s fitted, but will originally have had Tungsten ESLA lanterns mounted on them.

One example has encountered problems due to the lantern's proximity to the house eaves above. There is no room for the NEMA blanking cell so presumably this has been wired out internally. Removing the canopy for maintenance must be quite tricky!

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