Buckfastleigh Lighting Pictures

In the carpark on Plymouth Rd is a lone Phosco P111 standing adjacent to the carpark. It is mounted on an adaptor with a SELC 841 cell, and the rear of the globe has been painted black.

On a small, possibly private, footpath a GEC Z8896 is mounted on a rusting 5m Hockey-stick column. It runs a very green MBF lamp, and is On-By-Day, suggesting the time-clock has failed. It seems that this lantern has not been maintained for years. There are no other Mercury lanterns in the town.

On the town hall a Mk2 Thorn Alpha 8 is fixed to a wall bracket, running a 150w SON-T lamp. Switching is via a 2-part cell located in a control box nearby.

On a housing estate are a pair of Phosco P107 lanterns, with 35w SOX lamps. The first has a wide-brimmed canopy, clear globe, and glass refractor. The second is completely different; having an opal globe and small canopy. Both are mounted on 5m CU concrete columns and are group switched.

Update- July 2005: both Phosco P107s have been replaced. These were removed due to column replacements. The replacements are stainless steel mid-hinge columns with Urbis ZXU1 lanterns.

Also on the estate is a GEC Z5678 lantern (with short cone) running a 35W SOX lamp. Again the lantern is mounted on a CU concrete column.

Update- July 2005: the Z5678 has been replaced. It was removed due to column replacement. The replacement is a 5m CU steel column with an Urbis ZXU1 lantern.

The final lantern of note is a GEC Z9538M 55w SOX lantern of side-entry type.

Update- June 2006: the final SOX lantern has now been replaced because all lanterns were converted to individual control and the old SOX lantern had no means of adding a photocell.

All lanterns are switched by a 2-part cell in a nearby Lucy Oxford cabinet. (the cell eye is seen on lower right side of the box) 

Update- June 2006: the control point has been made into a section point, and all lanterns have been fitted with individual cells.

Private- a Thorn Gamma 2 lantern, located on industrial land. The lantern would have run on fluorescent tubes originally.

Buckfast Lighting Pictures

An unusual find is a 70w SON-T Thorn Beta 7 with Anti-vandal outer globe. Switching is by a Hy-Lite HL2 NEMA cell on the lantern. The column is a 5m CU Ware Ltd. Hockey-stick.

This quiet lane plays host to a nice rare example of a Phosco P121 lantern, running a 35W SOX lamp. Control is by group switching. Column is a 5m CU concrete.

Update- December 2007: the column has finally been removed due to concrete replacement works. An Urbis Sapphire 1 lantern running 45 or 60w Cosmo lamp is now mounted on a new 6m aluminium column.

On a quiet cul-de-sac are a couple of GEC Z9537 lanterns, running 55 and 35w SOX lamps respectively, on CU concrete columns.

Update- December 2007: both these concrete columns have also been removed- replaced by tapered aluminium columns and Sapphire 1 lanterns. Cosmopolis (CPO-TW) lamps are employed.

Private- a factory driveway is lit by a number of GEC Z5675 lanterns on 5m Steel columns. These lanterns run 70W SON-I lamps, and are switched by Cableform SS4 cells on each canopy.

Private- a DW Windsor 'York' lantern fitted on the Abbey. It has recently been replaced so is in as-new condition.

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