Brixton Lighting Pictures

An 80w MBF Thorn Gamma 6, mounted on a 5m CU Concrete column. Switching is by a cell on a nearby CP column. This column would originally have been fitted with a Revo Solumbra lantern (as below). Proof of this is the fact that the original Revo Capacitor is still in use.

Update- December 2005: this final concrete column has now gone too; replaced by a 6m CU Steel with Urbis ZXU1.

Update- January 2006: the Devon County lantern of choice is now the Philips Iridium SGS252. Strangely, the column has been replaced yet again, this time using a 6m Mallatite steel and adorned by a new 70w SON-T Iridium. Presumably this was to match the other nearby replacements.

Here a surviving Revo Solumbra with 80w MBF lamp.

Update- November 2005: the concrete column has been replaced by a 6m CU steel column and Urbis ZXU1 lantern.

Update- January 2006: this new column has now been replaced by an even newer 6m Mallatite steel with Iridium lantern.

A surviving installation of 4 Revo Solumbra lanterns with 80W Mercury lamps. Columns are switched by the CP on a nearby lane. The sight of a completely mercury lit road is now sadly rare, but this road in Brixton is still just that.

Update- January 2007: sadly all old columns in the road have now been replaced. All surviving Solumbras have now been removed.

Nearby is what appears to be a Phosware P108A lantern running an 80W MBF lamp. The lantern carries an opaque globe and a small 'china-hat' style canopy. This lantern is a lone example and it'd be nice to save it when the columns are eventually replaced.

The column supporting this P108A lantern has also been replaced.

On a wood pole bracket is this GEC Z5580 lantern fitted with 80w MBF lamp, and carrying a polycarbonate outer globe. Control is by overhead switched wire, and a SELC 841 cell on the first pole.

The only timeclock remaining in the village- controlling this 125w MBF GEC Z8896. The clock is a Horstmann KMK2A, and the column is a 5m Hockey stick.

A GEC Unknown lantern on a GEC concrete column. An 80w MBF lamp is used, and switching is by a time-clock in the next column.

Update- March 2005: an Urbis ZX1 on a CU steel took the place of the GEC column.

The next streetlight in the road is an 80W MBF GEC Z5590 lantern, on 6m CU Concrete column. A Venner MSQP time-clock is fitted in this column which controls all the lanterns in the road. 

Update- March 2005: the 6m column was replaced by a 5m CU steel fitted with an Urbis ZX1 lantern. The control point was retained, and the Oasis 2000 cell on the new lantern switches all the columns in the road.

A nearby road is home to an 80W GEC Z8896 lantern. A cell on the control box switches all the lights in the road.

An 80W GEC Z5580 lantern carrying a polycarbonate bowl; switched by a SELC 841 on the pole above.

In this lane are a number of GEC lanterns: Firstly an 80W GEC Z5580BP lantern- fitted with an acrylic refractor outer globe. Control is by the switched overhead wire. Control box is an AC900.

An 80W GEC Z5580 lantern fitted with a polycarbonate outer globe. This pole is the control point for the road- so a cell is fitted above the lantern, as well as an extra control box (used back when the cell was a time-clock). The lower control box is a GEC metal fabricated type.

On private land is a Philips XGS104 lantern running a 55W SOX lamp. The cell is a RTE P5.

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