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A quiet lane is home to a GEC Z8896 lantern mounted on an old Stewart & Lloyd steel column and swan neck. The lamp is an 80w Mercury and control by an RTE Oasis 2000 photocell.

The only top entry lantern left in the village is this GEC Z5580. The lamp is an 80w Mercury. The 5m CU concrete column is scheduled to be replaced during summer 2007, so it will not be long before the white glow of a Mercury lamp in the street is gone forever.

Update- December 2007: the column was indeed replaced and now a Mallatite steel column with Urbis ZXU1 are in place.

Further up the lane is another concrete column, but this one has lost its original lantern to an Urbis ZX1. This column too will be replaced during 2007.

Update- December 2007: the concrete column has now been replaced with a 6m steel and Urbis ZXU1 lantern.

It's not the lantern or the column that is rare here; but the old photocell on the column top. This is the detector of a Horstmann 705 2-part photocell, and these units are now very rare. Two types of 'eye' were available: this frosted type and a clear variant. This particular cell is no longer in use as the lantern has a NEMA socket and photocell.

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