Ashburton Lighting Pictures

A selection of cast iron columns remain around the town, fitted with swan-neck brackets and control boxes. All have modern Davis 'Starline' lanterns, although they would probably have been fitted with Revo Diadems or similar when the AC Ford control boxes were installed.

The only 2 mercury lanterns remaining in the town are a pair of GEC Z8896s in a quiet cul-de-sac. One is controlled by a timeclock, the other by a photocell.

The streets surrounding the town centre are lit with Phosco P111 lanterns running 70w SON lamps. A couple of variants are shown below:

The first is a fairly recent casual replacement with a modern style plastic refractor.

The second has been fitted with a Thorn Gamma 6 outer globe, and also has a SELC 842-2P photocell in the base casting.

A scheme in 2005 saw the replacement of a number of Phosco P111 lanterns on 5m columns with new Urbis 'Karl Johan' lanterns running CDM-T capsule lamps. A couple of wall mounted lanterns were also replaced including a Thorn Alpha 3, Thorn Alpha 8, and...

...a Revo Horizon. Sadly I never took a photo of it in time, but the old Revo gear box above the new lantern is a reminder of it.

This old Phosco P111 seems to be abandoned, as it has no lamp or outer globe. There is amazingly still a glass refractor intact though. The lampholder is an ES type so it may have run a 70w SON lamp or maybe just a tungsten lamp.

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