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May 2013 - This year has bought us 3 gorgeous pintabian foals, 2 colts and a filly, all bay and white and highly likely to be homozygous for the tobiano gene.

The two colts are sired by Royal Court Jester and out of GP Dandi Gem and GP Dandis Dream

Terackie Amir (arabic name meaning Prince) - foaled 24.03.13

Sire: Royal Court Jester
Dam: GP Dandi Gem
Amir is a stunning Pintabian colt with a beautiful head and eye, minimal white, very friendly nature.  Amir has 99.7% arab blood and is available for sale at weaning. Azraf has a 50% chance of being homozygous for tobiano and we will get him tested before sale. Parents are tested SCID free.











Terackie Azraf (arabic name meaning Elegant) - foaled 12.03.13

Sire: Royal Court Jester
Dam: GP Dandis Dream

Azraf is a bay and white smart and elegant type of Pintabian colt, he has 99.7% arab blood and it it highly likely that he is homozygous for the tobiano gene and he will be tested before sale.  He has two lovely blue eyes and lots of spots on his coat, kind nature and friendly. Parents are tested SCID free
Special price for short time 5,000 (UK)

He is for sale please contact us for info or check














Terackie Malikah (arabic name meaning Queen/Ruler) - foaled 20.03.13
Sire: Terackie Ben Al Hazzar
Dam: Terackie Sweetheart
Malikah is our first 100% homebred pintabian foal and what a delight she is, very sweet and friendly, lovely markings, very pretty head.  Malikah comes from two tested homozygous tobiano parents so we know she is also homozygous for the tobiano gene, every foal she ever produces will be coloured.  She is 99.6% arab and bay and white.  For sale at weaning

















December 2011

Another year passed by so quickly.......

For 2012 we are expecting 3 homozygous pintabian foals, GP Dandi Gem, GP Dandis Dream and Terackie P Sweetheart have all been covered by the black and white homozygous Pintabian stallion "Dakota Inkspots"   All foals will be for sale, please contact us early if you are interested in them  First foal due late February 2012.

6th March 2010

Terackie Amirah  Moulawanah

Being retained

(Arabic translation meaning THE COLOURFUL PRINCESS)

Sire: Psynergy (arabian stallion)
Dam: GP Dandi Gem

A beautiful bay and white 99.8% arabian filly by the exceptional stallion "Psynergy" who stands at Bychan arabians.

Psynergy (Padrons Psyche x Balenina)
International champion

Photo kindly supplied by Bychan Arabians copyright to Hans Trummer.

A truly stunning filly, sorry to everyone who has enquired about her but she is staying here.

First  and champion Pencoed foal and youngstock show first time out.

Aberystwyth county show June 2011, Amirah was 1st in her class, then champion, then reserve supreme of show....great day for Team Terackie.

Gem has been covered again by Psynergy for a 2011 pintabian foal. This foal has now been born 17th Feb 2011 and another beautiful filly named Terackie Jameelat Al Alwan...arabic for Colourful Beauty.  Her stable name is Saphire.



10th January 2010

Terackie Ben Al Hazzar
Homozygous pintabian colt

(Arabic meaning Son of Jester/Joker)
May be for sale to the right home

Sire:Royal Court Jester
Dam:GP Dandis Dream

Ben is a 99.7% arabian pintabian colt foal.  Born on the 10th January 2010, a star in the making.....absolutely perfect!!

Photos below taken Feb 2010


Ben has developed several more spots and is growing into a very handsome colt, he is very friendly and enjoys a bit of fuss, he's showing a lovely arabian extended trot and carries his tail right up.  He has now been tested homozygous for the tobiano gene which means he will only ever produce coloured foals, a real asset to any stud wishing to breed pintabians or high percentage coloured arabs.  We haven't decided for certain whether to keep him as he is related to most of our other pintabians.  He has now been shown with great success being 2nd and reserve champion part bred arab at Pencoed foal and youngstock show, he also attended ffosyffin show where he gained a 1st in yearlings any breed, 1st foreign breeds any age and 2nd part bred arab.

Dream has been covered by our cremello welsh cob stallion for a 2011 hopefully buckskin and white part bred welsh x arab foal.



Terackie Colour By Design by Master Design GA
Pintabian filly who is 99.8%  arab
Royal Court Jester
Pintabian stallion who is 99.8% arabian standing at Terackie Stud, Wales.
The Pintabian is a breed of horse that must be verified as having 99% or more purebred Arabian blood with a tobiano coat pattern.  Pintabians are bred for their beauty, intelligence, disposition, stamina, and are very versatile. They have a short dished head that is wide-set between large eyes, long arched neck, short back, level hip, and high tail carriage. The general height range is between 14.2 and 15.2, with a few individuals over or under that height and weight between 900 and 1,100 pounds.
Pintabians are ideal for pleasure, showing, competitive and endurance sports, driving, racing, or just family fun.
It is common misconception that the "Pintabian" (pin-TAY-bee-an) horse is simply a cross between an Arabian and a spotted horse of Pinto or Paint breeding. This, however, is not the case,  because of its dominant characteristics, experts in the field of genetics have known for years that it is possible to breed the popular tobiano spotting pattern into the Arabian breed to produce a "relatively pure" strain of tobiano horses with over 99% Arabian blood (also known as the Pintabian!). As you may already know, the purebred Arabian horse does not come in the tobiano pattern. Also, because of the genetic make-up of the tobiano gene, at least one parent must be a tobiano in order to produce a horse with tobiano markings. The Pintabian breed was developed by continually crossing tobianos back to purebred Arabians, and in order to be eligible for registration in the Pintabian Horse Registry, horses must be over 99% Arabian in blood.  It is because of this high degree of Arabian blood that the Arabian "type" of the Pintabian horse breeds true.

GP Dandi Gem and Dream
Their sire below

MP Alis Dandi.
Property of Elbey Arabians, Belgium
Below the yearling filly Terackie Colour By Design in her first season of showing.

Please contact us for further info on our pintabians
Jackie and Terry McEwen
Penrhiw, Tregaron, Ceredigion, Wales. SY25 6NH
Phone 01974 298629

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