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Welcome to the Phones Chess Club website.

The Club meets on Monday evenings  7.30 - 10.00 p.m.

The venue is The St Andrew Bridge Club  2 Woodside Crescent, Glasgow G3 7UL - only two minutes walk from Charing Cross.

The club is just off Sauchiehall Street - and to be more precise, it's at the junction of Newton Place and Woodside Crescent. Entrance is directly opposite what is now the relatively modern two storey Clydesdale Bank building.

Phones C.C. prides itself on being a friendly club. Players of all levels and strengths can be assured of a warm welcome and a game to match their ability. We have teams in division 1, 2 and 3 of the Glasgow Chess League and with two major internal tournaments, you can play as seriously or as casually as you like.

      New members are always welcome.     -  HOT OFF THE PRESS:  Peter G has made an arbitrary decision to enter team in Dunbartonshire League, Div 2.  No further details at present.

         As it's nearing the end of September we will be open again after our Summer break. The September weekend holiday sees us closed on 26th, but fully open again on 3rd October.

For further information contact:  John McIntyre  Telephone : 0141 646 1035    Mobile : 07846 211 384

A Team Captain - John McIntyre : 07846 211 384

B Team Captain - Colin Paterson : 07741 274 305

C  Team Captain - Peter Griffin   : 07757 311 166





West End Gala

Bringing Chess to the Masses 2015


On Sunday 31st May, The Gibson Street Gala took place in the west end of Glasgow from 12-6pm. The whole street was closed off for traffic for the duration of this event. A row of  brightly coloured market stalls were set up along both sides of the street by traders that sold or gave away all kinds of items. Stages were set up at both ends of the street where all type of artists performed throughout the day. The local shops, pubs and restaurants enjoyed a thriving trade for the day.

All the other main buildings along the street were utilized for community activities.

St Silas Church, which is situated at the far corner of the street and Park Road opened their doors to let the public in from 12.30-6pm. Once inside the visitors were able to sit around tables and engage in chat within the cafe style arrangement.


Ample refreshments and home baking were made freely available from the kitchen hatch. A series of modern and classical musical acts performing on the stage added to the ambience. Amongst the attractions on offer during the day was a space where you could learn to play chess and improve your skill.


Here nine chess sets were set up on nine boards making maximum use of the allotted three tables. The trickle of people eager to play chess steadily gathered pace until all the boards were full and people were waiting to play a game. A whole host of adults, teenage children and primary school children accompanied by their parents played chess for fun with their friends or asked someone for a game. There was a Beginners Masterclass, where highly rated players lent their expertise. The Chessmaster met all the challenges that came his way. Overall this was a day of celebration for the community, where people attracted by the spectacle were able to enjoy the fun atmosphere that was present in the street.

There were approximately 10,000 visitors to the Gibson Street Gala and around 3,000 people popped into St Silas Church over the day. 


The success of this chess event has demonstrated that there is a demand from parents and children for chess in schools that do not already have chess clubs in the west end of Glasgow.


Chess @ The Gibson Street Gala started in 2012, when The Chessmaster saw off seven opponents. In the middle of that day the fire alarm went off and Jonathan Mclatchie and I were setting a couple of chess sets on the pavement when a father and son came up to us and asked us for a game. Since then a series of Chess Fun Days have happened approx three times a year in St Silas Church Hall. The peak participation date of these events was on 2nd February 2014, when 35 people were there. This group typically consists of local adults, parents with their children and interested church members. With supportive coaching being provided, from a wide range of league chess club players.

John McIntyre, Luke Barker and I along with a few others intend to start a children's chess club in Phones Chess Club this autumn.  


Colin Paterson 

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