PHAVISMINDA Journal Volume 8

May 2009


Editor's Note


"Philosophy and politics: Do they mix?"                                                                                         Romualdo E. Abulad, SVD, Ph.D.

"The earthly character of human existence"                                                                                   Michael Moga, SJ, Ph.D.

"An inquiry into the nature of Philippine politics"                                                                           Reynaldo Rivera, Ph.D.

"Women and positive rights"                                                                                                      Christopher Ryan C. Maboloc, M.A., M.A.E.

"The Bangsamoro struggle: Understanding minority rights in liberal political philosophy"         Ian Parcon, M.A., M.A.E.

"A Heideggerian deconstruction of understanding"                                                                          Eddie Babor, Ph.D.

"Categories of thinking: Regressive, digressive, and progressive thinking"                                 Raymundo Pavo, MPhil

"The dialectics of faith and reason"                                                                                                      Dennis Villarojo, Ph.D.

"Daoism as philosophy: Zhuangzi and real philosophy"                                                                      Ranie B. Villaver, M.A.

"Artifacts of recognition: Integrating technological agency and social theory"                           Orlando Ali Mandane, Jr., Ph.D.

"Moral particularism and the justifiability of mandatory HIV / AIDS testing"                                     Ryan C. Urbano, M.A., M.A.E.

PHAVISMINDA Journal Volume 7

May 2008


Editor's Note


"The Making of a Filipino Philosopher", Rolando Gripaldo

"Filipino Philosophy: Why Not? Reflections on Filipino Philosophy of Time", Amosa Velez

"The Status of Individual Rights in the context of HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Africa", Christopher Agulanna

"Surrogate Motherhood and the Predicament of the African Woman", Bolatito Lanre-Abbas

"Justice, Equality, and Human Worth", Rosario Manzanares-Espina

"Perspective, Ideology, and Social Reality in the Aesthetic Theory of Georg Lukacs",                              Christopher Ryan Maboloc

"A Critico-Ethical Analysis of Philippine Animal Welfare Act of 1998", Ryan Urbano

"Philosophical Approaches to Environmental Preservation", Jane D. Gallamaso

"Hermeneutics as Appropriation: A Way of Understanding Oneself in front of the Text", Ruby Suazo.


A Review of Douglas J. Elwood's Living by Faith or Fate: God's Will and Man's Option",                        Salvador Vista.

PHAVISMINDA Journal Volume 6

May 2007


Editor's Note
"Social Education and Meaningful Participatory Governance: Towards Building Democracy as a Public Philosophy", Glenn Varona

"Christian Philosophy and the Challenge of Postmodernity", Eddie Babor

"Wuwei in the Daodejing: Understanding Daoist Ethics", Ranie Villaver

"Heidegger and St. Thomas: Transcendence as a Signpost to the Debate on Language and the Question of Being", Christopher Ryan Maboloc

"Borgmann's Technology and the Recovery of the Good Life", Orlando Ali M. Mandane Jr.    


"A Choice to Pursue the Moral Path: A Review of Richard A. Cohen and James Marsh's Ricoeur as an Other: The Ethics of Subjectivity", Ruby S. Suazo

"Possibilities for a Democratice Technology: A Review of Tyler Veak's Democratizing Technology: Andrew Feenberg's Critical Theory of Technology", Orlando Ali M. Mandane Jr.

PHAVISMINDA Journal Volume 5

May 2006


Editor's Notes

"Laying the Ground for a Philosophy of Culture", Rosario Manzanares-Espina

"Dupre on Marx's Concept of Culture as a Historical Process", Eddie Babor

"Consumerism and Environment: A Quest for Man's Place in the World", Jane D. Gallamaso

"Marcuse's Techonology: Towards a Critical Analysis of Technology in the Philippines"              Orlando Ali M. Mandane Jr.

"Arendt's Notion of Totalitarianism and Its Political Impact", Gumercindo Garciano Jr.

"Exploring the Possibilities of the Levinasian Texts", Fleurdeliz Altez

"Zen No-Mind in Karatedo", Antonio P. Diluvio

"The Lifeworld: A Complementary Concept to Habermas' Theory of Communicative Action"  Alvin Galeon

28th PHAVISMINDA Conference: A Synthesis, Ruby Suazo