2018 Policies :

  • To guarantee your cake expectations are met, we require specialty cake orders to be placed in person.

  • We do not take any cake orders the day before and the day of a holiday so that we may better assist our in-store pick-ups.

  • Cake orders must be placed two weeks in advance.

  • A deposit may be due when cake orders are submitted, and a credit card is mandatory to hold against an order*.

  • Some custom cake’s boxes will not have a lid, depending on size and shape.

  • Pete’s Sweets is not responsible for any customer supplied items (Breakage/Other).

Pete’s Sweets cannot be in control of things like weather, allergies, and customer transport. All liability from Pete’s Sweets is waived upon customer pick up.

For cake inquiries, please contact us at petes-sweets@hotmail.com. Please provide the date your cake would be needed for and the amount of people you wish to feed, so we can better assist you. 

We do not take any phone orders for “specialty cakes” in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Since cake decorating is an art we reserve the right to make changes without notice if we find it necessary. Pete’s Sweets will do our best to make contact, if contact is not made we may make changes without notice. (Any and all cakes are subject to creative license).

*Pete’s Sweets has the right to charge your held credit card if you are try to make changes or cancel your order with less than 1 week's notice. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Pete's Sweets stands behind our work, if you are not satisfied we will do our best to correct the situation on the spot. (fix spelling, adding some quick additions within reason). 

If you are completely dissatisfied with our product you can return the items in full (Uncut/Fully Intact/Full Amount) On the same day as pick up for a full refund. We do not accept partially consumed items or items "returned" after the event. All refunds are dealt with by owner Peter Gray. No adjustments are to be made by other Pete's Sweets staff members.

Rush Fees: 

Note all orders are to be placed 2 weeks in advance. We ask this for quality and quantity planning made by staff. 

Since all items are baked fresh we will apply a rush fee to orders placed within 2 weeks of event date, this is again to cover the costs of employees overtime, added food costs, and the fact that we may have to change our baking/decorating around your order. Please do your best to place order in the allotted time frame. However do not hesitate to call with last Minuit orders just note that fees may apply.  

Allergies: Pete's Sweets Is Not An Allergen Free Environment And Can Not Guarantee The Prevention Of Cross Contamination. If Allergies Are Severe Do Not Consume. Your Safety Is Our Top Priority!