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March 5 2015 (mare purchased Nov 2014)

Everyone loves her and she has settled on great. She is perfect. We just love her and she loves the kids.

Katlyn Charlton, Charlton Ridge Farm, Oregon

Pictured at left: Katlyn and Rosebud 11 months after purchase

May 5 2014

I found my Icelandic mare through Mary. I'm very picky about training, since I myself was a trainer for over 40yrs.  I had a bad riding accident last year when I was sixty and just wanted something safe and well started . I didn't want anyone else's problems.  I waited over a year until I found the right one.  I saw Mary's videos of Grana and knew after seeing those videos she was a super trainer.  Although I lived clear across the country in Maine,  I took a chance and bought Grana without trying her first.   When I first sat on her I was thrilled. It was as if I had trained her myself.  I have never been so fortunate to have found such a superbly started horse.  I have since told Mary if she comes across another Icey like Grana and she does the training, I want to be the first to know because the check's in the mail!

Beth from Bath Maine  

Aug 7 2013

We had been looking for the "perfect" pony for my 9 year old daughter, Ellie and we came across Bubbles. After several emails, videos, and talking with Mary, I knew Bubbles was right for Ellie. Bubbles is very well trained and so polite on the ground...Ellie can control him and feels confident doing so. Ellie loves doing the tricks Mary trained Bubbles to do and puts on quite a pony show for anyone who will watch (I think Bubbles enjoys showing off too!). Under saddle, Bubbles has been a great confidence booster for Ellie and she lopes around our pasture with a grin on her face. We hope to use Bubbles to do some gaming next season so will work on that this Fall and Winter. He is quite a horse and I feel we got such a gem for a very reasonable price! Thanks Mary!

Jen from Kalispell Montana

Pictured: Bubbles and Ellie

June 7, 2013

Thank you for the wonderful buying experience when we purchased Freckle.  He is everything you said he would be.  Tawnya is enjoying him immensely.  I would also like to thank you for being so thorough in explaining everything about Freckle while we were looking at him. Then after we purchased him you were always available with any questions we may have had.  I would gladly come to you to purchase another horse.  You have done a great job in training Freckle.  Mary, thank you again for everything.

Penny from Troy Montana 

November 26, 2011

My husband and I just took Jasmine (now called Josie, in honor of Chief Joseph, leader of the Nez Perce Tribe that was responsible for the development and preservation of the Appaloosa horse breed) on a deer hunting/camping trip in the rugged Hell's Canyon area of west central Idaho/southeastern Washington. She was fantastic. Some of our rides were a little on the extreme side, but she handled then like a pro, with a very  calm and willing attitude. There were a few situations that many horses would not have dealt well with, but Josie took her cues and direction without missing a beat. These were times that her training and trust in her rider were really put to the test, and I was extremely grateful for the solid foundation that Mary had put on this mare. She was a perfect lady in camp, and even accepted hobbles and a nosebag without a fuss. She acted like a 20 year old mountain horse that had been doing this all her life. While we are strictly western riders, I am confident that with her strong foundation, she will do just fine no matter which discipline we pursue. Based on my experiences with Mary and with this mare, I whole-heartedly recommend her as a trainer and a source of well-trained dependable horses.

Kristin from Spokane, Wa

May 14, 2010

I just wanted to say thanks for selling my mom (Sue) such a great little horse in Prince. He is a champ and they are getting along great, it is so fun to hear the excitement in her voice when she talks about the rides they are sharing together. What a fun little horse!!  

P.S. And you never know, maybe I will take up endurance riding with the little guys assistance too!

Stacey D from Washington

Pictured Below: Sue and Prince, now known as Quaker at the start of an endurance ride in 2011

October 28, 2009

I have been boarding horses for the last 25 years and have been riding for the last 35 years. My days are long and hard right now with caring for 40 boarded horses. I have little time for training a horse of my own. I was searching for an Arabian who had plenty of trail experience just to use as a personal fun trail horse. When contacting other sellers I was just not comfortable that the horses had the trail experience that they were saying. I work at the least 12 hour days at my farm and wanted a horse who I could just jump on and take out on a trail. I don't want my personal horse to be a lot of work. Talking with Mary and watching the videos of Dorado I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I had found my guy. I was concerned about shipping from Idaho to Louisiana and Mary was understanding that I had to find transportation before buying. I did find a hauler and she was nice enough to keep him free of charge until he left. She got all the paperwork done that was required for the trip and even had to meet the hauler at 4am 2 hours away to make everything run smoothly. She was very honest about Dorado and his upkeep needs. As an experienced horse keeper I knew right away she was also experienced and cared for her horses as I do. His long trip went well and he arrived in good condition. He came off the trailer totally unbothered about his new surroundings. I knew he was quiet and calm from the first minute. He fit right in at my farm and is an absolute straight A student when it comes to ground manners and disposition. I could tell the amount of time Mary had spent with him by the way he acted. He is trusting, well trained, and a joy to own. . He will be my trusted trail horse and if time allows it I will also start him with some dressage and maybe go back to showing a little. He has a great work ethic. It is so nice to buy a horse that is exactly what he was represented to be. I could not go see him first so I had to trust Mary. I have bought other horses in the past and they were not as represented. I give Mary and Dorado a well deserved handshake and say thanks. Terri Occhipinti Folsom, La.

(Dorado arrived at Terri's farm on September 16, 2009)  Pictured at left: Dorado in Idaho

October 8, 2007

A few months ago I began my search for a new trail/endurance horse. Because I have had both my hips replaced in the past 4 years it was important for me to find a reliable horse but one with impulsion and joy of going down the trail.  I started to wonder if I would be able to find an Arab who filled my requirements or if I would need a different breed that didn't "wake up in a new world everyday!"  I found this gray Arab gelding named Ladd on ride camp for sale and started communicating with his owner/trainer Mary Kautz ...At the same time I was diagnosed with cancer and started some brutal rounds of chemo/radiation. Even though Lad was only a days drive away, it because evident to me that I just was not going to have the energy to take a trip over to see him. I ended up taking Mary's word for everything she said he could and couldn't do and had to rely on her professionalism and honesty to buy this horse without first seeing him and trying him out.  It was a huge leap of faith for me but so important to me to have a horse so I could pursue my goals etc while dealing with the cancer.  So, I had Mary deliver him three weeks ago and he is everything she said he was!  He is smooth and so well trained and loves to go down the trail alone or with others. My goal is for Lad and I to be ready to do Mt Carmel this spring!  Thank you Mary!....See you on the trail!  Sandy Bolinger

Pictured at right: Sandy and Lad

Mary has been my riding mentor for the past two years. I have lots of arena riding experience, but my filly, Luna, and I are newbies on the trail. Luna is also a sensitive and forward horse who can challenge me at times. Mary has helped train Luna and I to be confident on the trail, to ride through diverse obstacles and scenarios, and to prepare for the challenges of riding in the high energy situation of big groups such as endurance rides. I would recommend Mary as a trainer and the horses she sells are top notch. Even her young or green horses are reliable riding companions for Luna and I, because she makes sure they are confident and experienced in all that they do.

Laura Applegate

Pictured: Laura (right) and Mary on a spring training ride