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Sold November 2016

Theo Fjord Gelding 9 yrs 13.1 hands Brown Dun $4500.

Theo is a very experienced trail and family horse. Great for children and adults, and well suited for therapy or lesson use. He is calm and forgiving and has a slow walk. Great for those who ride alone, as well as those who ride with a slow moving group. Easily trots if you ask. Built to carry riders up to 200 lbs. Has packed/camped on wilderness trips. Highlines and hobbles. Used on 40+ mi pack trip in 3 Sisters wilderness last year.  Not registered.

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Sold September 2015, now living in Palmer, Alaska

VŠngskjˇna from Extreme Farms 6 yr old Registered Icelandic mare 13.3 hands Pinto $4000.

Sold November 2014 Congratulations to Kaitlyn Charlton from Newberg Or

Sedonah 4 yr old Mare 14.1 hands Roan

Sedonah's Video:

Sold November 2014 Congratulations to Linda from Sandy Or

Strakur from Lavender Mountain 5 yr old Registered Icelandic gelding 13.3 hands Chestnut $4500.

Strakur's Video:

Sold July 2014 Nacho Dun John Mule 6 year old 13.3 hands   

Rides and started for packing. Good in the lead or be hind, crosses bridges. Lunges, leads, loads, bathes, hobbles, fly sprays, ponies. Sensitive, flexible, and energetic. Ok around dogs. Good with feet, and ears. Fast walk and big movement. Dorsal stripe and leg baring. Mustang dam.

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Sold June 2014 Brynjar from Lone Cedar 6 yr old Registered Icelandic gelding 13.2 hands Bay $4000.

Brynjar is friendly, energetic, and brave. He is curious and playful. He rides alone or with others on trails. Great around dogs, and traffic, loads and clips well. He prefers pace but also has a nice tolt. He crosses bridges, water, and has attended several trail events and rides up to 10 miles. Excellent hooves, never shod. Brynjar is best matched with an intermediate or advanced, confident, assertive rider.
USIHC# US2008103845  Sired by Mani fra Raufarfelli 2

Brynjar's Pictures:

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Sold November 2013    Grana is now at her new home in Maine
Grana From Extreme Farms 8 yr old Registered Icelandic Mare 12.3 hands Gray $4000.

Grana rides on trails alone or with a group. She is good around dogs and traffic, and crosses water. She is 5 gaited and has a strong tolt. This mare is low drama and not marish around other horses. She is tolerant and has the potential to be a beginners/ children's mount. Also a breeding prospect. 12.3 hands and sturdy build can easily carry 150 lbs plus. Daughter of Lani Fra Alfasaga. Registration US2005204663

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Sold July 2013 Atlas is now at his new home in Boulder, Colorado

Atlas from Extreme Farms 5 year old Icelandic Gelding 13.2 hands seal brown
Atlas is a brave and energetic trail partner. He is outgoing on the trails and easily blazes off trail. Rides alone or with others. He is great leading a group, walks fast and does not kick at tailgaiting horses. Sensitive to rider's cues, goes in a halter or snaffle. Has a smooth, fast walk and tolt. Great right alongside traffic, bicycles, buses, motorcycles, etc. Completed a trail event of 17mi with 200 other horses. Does not require warm up before going down the trail. Atlas is a refined Icelandic and can carry a small adult or teen. Not for beginner due to current training level - 3 1/2 months under saddle. Does tricks, rear, bow and kneel. Born at Extreme Farms DNA confirmed son of Lani fra Alfasaga
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Sold    July 2013 to Jen from Kalispell, Montana
MK Bubbles 7 year old Welsh X Arab Gelding 13.2 hands grey  
Bubbles is an energetic and intelligent gelding. He is fast and a natural jumper. Rides on trails alone or with a group. Good with traffic, great ground manners, stands tied, loads in trailer. Very athletic and changes 'gears' well. Rides with or without a bit. Started on neck reining. Does many tricks, bow, kneel, rear, lie down, can learn almost anything. Excellent sporthorse confirmation and great hooves. He is best matched with a confident rider. Easily picks up the speed upon your request. Great youth gaming prospect, ready to advance now.  
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Sold       March 2013 to Penny of Troy, Mt Congratulations!
MK Freckle 10 yr old Appaloosa x Arabian gelding 14.2 hands leopard color     

Freckle is a well trained gelding suitable for a confident youth or adult. He is energetic, great at lateral work, turns on forehand and hindquarters. Freckle does tricks: bows, (with or without rider) kneels, rears to pedestal, turn on forehand on the pedestal (on ground or under saddle), lies down, and does Spanish walk. He rides with or without a bit, direct reins and has been started on neck reining. Freckle has a balanced, comfortable canter. Freckle does trails alone and with others, with others he prefers to follow. He is good with traffic and walks over tarps, mattresses, etc. He is dominant with other horses and would do best with outdoor living. Freckle can be testy and will be best for a person who can be firm with him. Trained with Parelli methods.

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Sold June 2012

"Flurry" 4  yr old Registered Arabian Gelding 15 hands Rose Grey

Flurry is Parelli trained and a good all around horse. He learns fast and is light on his feet. Great ground manners, trailers and ties well. Rides in a snaffle bit or bitless. Has been ridden on trails and at trail events, will go in the back or front. Has been ridden alone numerous times on country roads. Does well when ponied. Submissive with other horses. Flurry parks and is started on tricks, pedestal, Spanish walk, does bow, kneel, and lies down on cue.

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Sold September 2011 to Kristin of Spokane, Wa Congratulations!

MK Jasmine 5 year old Appaloosa X Arabian Mare 14.3 hands

Registered Half Arabian HAHR#1A370704 She can be registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club   AERC# H47450

Jasmine's 6 videos:

Jasmine's pictures and pedigree:

Jasmine completed the 25 mile ride at Milwaukee Road Rail Trail April 30, 2011

Jasmine is an exceptionally elegant and responsive mare. She is a superb prospect for English sport horse, dressage and jumping. She is suitable for competitive trail or endurance, for 25mi rides, lightweight division riders, for 50mi rides, featherweight division riders (under 160 lbs with tack).

Jasmine is well started under saddle and rides in the arena and on trails. She has Parelli level 2 skills and has a great base for dressage. She responds to a very light cue under saddle, side passes, flexes at the pole, and backs with a leg cue. She has been ridden alone and with others on the trail and attended an endurance ride. Her gaits are comfortable to ride and she eats and drinks well at events. She is easy on her herd mates and isn't moody when in heat. She is friendly, and has a curious and willing personality. She is built like a small thoroughbred and can really float at the trot. Her feminine appearance and unique color make her stand out in a crowd.

Sold May 2010 to Sue of Walla Walla, Wa Congradulatons!

"Prince" 7 year old Arab X Welsh gelding 14.2 hands tall AERC#44964

200 AERC Endurance miles and 30 LD in 2009

Prince's Pictures and Vet cards

Prince lunging video

 Experienced competitor sized for Featherweight division riders only. Prince completed rides in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho in 2009.

 Prince is a big horse in a small package, great for the smaller, competitive rider! He is  focused on going down the trail, weather alone or with others. Prince is very athletic and light on his feet. He can do a gaited walk which is fast, efficient and comfortable. Prince has as much endurance as a larger horse a you don´┐Żt have to climb aboard a giant when you are tired and sore. He is quiet during transport and in camp, saving his energy for the trail. He is strong and balanced going uphill and downhill. Prince completed all rides in ´┐Ż09 with Renegade hoof boots or Vettec Sole Guard. He rides in a halter or snaffle. Prince is easygoing with other horses and can be ponied or pony green horses on the trail. He is being ridden now and ready to start endurance rides this spring.  For 50+ milers,  rider plus tack should weigh under 160lbs.

View ride records here: enter "Kautz", OK, click on Mary Kautz on the left side, then go to bottom of page

Average speed on flat, firm ground, measured by GPS

Walk 3.5 mph  Trot 8 mph  Can hold a 11 mph trot willingly and on loose rein

Sold August 2009 to Terri Occhipinti of Folsom, Louisiana Congradulations!

AAF Nabil "Dorado" 7 year old Registered Arabian gelding 14.3 hands tall

AHA#0603314   AERC#H45718

Dorado's pictures

Video 1

Video 2

All videos picture Dorado ridden with only a halter on his head. All pictures and videos from Spring 2009.

Suitable for light to mid weight rider depending on use. He could carry a beginner rider when supervised.  Best for intermediate or advanced rider.  His narrow build gives comfort to smaller rider's knees and hips. He has good hooves with thick walls and has never been shod. Dorado has good bone substance for a horse his size.

Dorado would be nice for competitive trail, LD endurance, English show, or pleasure.

Experience:  In training with Pegasus Passion for over a year. Completed the 25 miler at the Milwaukee Road Rail Trail endurance ride in April 2009. Ridden in a halter and was calm in high winds. He was ridden through a 2000 ft railroad tunnel, with a curve that made it dark in the center. Ridden all year around in hail, rain, all types of weather. Rides alone in the back country frequently, sees moose and other wildlife.  

Skills: Bows on cue on both sides and can be mounted when down (but needs to be finished). He lowers his head on cue from the ground or  in the saddle when ridden in the halter or bridle. Comes up to you for mounting on the side of the trailer, stump or rock. He can be ridden on a loose rein while other horses run by on the trail or in a pasture. He is calm riding on roads and by noisy machinery or fast vechiles.

Personality: Dorado is gentle, kind, and friendly with people. He was once used as a breeding stallion and is dominant with other horses. He currently lives with other geldings and being pastured with mares may not work. He is fairly independent and can be left alone in the pasture while you ride other horses out. He is conservative with his energy and not competitive when riding with other horses. Dorado takes care of himself and eats and drinks well during transport and competition. He is a reliable, steady partner.  

For Dorado's Endurance ride record, click on this link and enter "AAF Nabil", click OK, then click on his name on the left side.

SOLD to Sandy Bolinger of Stevensville, MT. Congratulations!

SJ Liberty Ladd "Lad"

Arabian Gelding 8 years old, 15.1 hands tall    

 AHA Registered #0574927 AERC#H42195                Suitable for FW, LW, or MW rider, intermediate to advanced    

Completed 50 miles at Renegade Rendevous July '07, Completed 50mi, and 25mi at Pink Flamingo Classic July '07

To view ride history, go to , enter "SJ Liberty Ladd", and click on his name on the left side

This gelding has great vet scores and is a pleasure to ride. Lad is easy to control, comfortable to ride, and a great trail companion. He is barefoot and wears easyboots during competition. He is reliable to ride out alone in the back country. Lad crosses water and trail obstacles with ease.  He is trained mostly by himself but can be anywhere within a group.   Lad ponies easily and would do well in dressage too. He is trained with Parelli Natural Horsemanship methods and ridden in a snaffle or halter. Lad gets along great with other horses.  He is sound, healthy, and ready to ride now.