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About the trainer

Pegasus Passion is owned and operated by Mary E. Kautz

Mary currently trains horses full time and is dedicated toward improving all horses she works with. Mary says the most rewarding part of training is seeing the positive change in the horses. She loves the challenge of teaching horses skills so they can be more enjoyable for their people.

Mary’s credentials

Mary started riding horses in 1992 and has been a horse owner since 1998. She has had professional riding instruction in jumping, dressage, endurance, and natural horsemanship. Since 2002, Mary has worked as a trainer or horse caretaker in 9 diverse stables. She has experience with many ages and breeds of horses, from foals to stallions. Mary has been an endurance riding competitor since 2002 and currently has over 1,600 AERC lifetime miles. Mary has transported horses across the country between Ohio, California, and Idaho, totaling over 12 thousand miles.

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Working Student positions:

Greenbriar Farm, Troy, Id. August to October 2002 Manager: Harriet Aiken, endurance rider, Anglo Arab Breeder Responsibilities: Horse caretaking, riding Arabian endurance horses, handling foals, yearlings, limited stallion handling

Fire Mountain Arabians, Ridgecrest and Bridgeport, Ca. April to September 2003 Manager: Jackie Bumgardner, ride manager, endurance rider, Arabian breeder Responsibilities: Horse care taking, starting young Arabian endurance horses, conditioning, riding in competition, assisting with ride management

Shadowing: Valerie Kanavy, two time world endurance gold medalist. Fort Valley, Va August 2001, 2 days


Mary's Story    I was born and raised in the suburbs east of Cleveland, Ohio. None of my friends or family members rode, but my love for animals caused me to ask for riding lessons at age 8. I rode many breeds of schooling horses for 7 years while learning jumping and training level dressage. While jumping was exciting, I had little interest in showing because it was too formal. When I began trail riding, I discovered the fun and challenging world outside the arena. 

 As a freshman in high school, I acquired my first horse, a 10 year old Arab/Appy gelding. Cody was quite a handful and tested me in many ways as a rider. When he was safe to ride on the trail we ventured out into the forests and valleys. I usually rode alone, partially because none could keep up with me!


I didn’t hear about endurance riding until 1999 when I heard Valerie Kanavy gave a seminar at a small local horse festival. Valerie was in the spotlight after winning the world endurance championship in 1994, and 1998. The idea of being able to compete using my trail skills was exciting. In 2001, I went to meet Valerie at her farm for a school shadowing assignment.

I graduated from high school at age 17 in 2002 and took Cody to Idaho to learn endurance from Harriet. With over 4000 career miles, Harriet had a wealth of knowledge to share with me. In the fall I returned to Ohio and took on client's horses for general training. In the spring of 2003, I attended the AERC Annual National Convention in Chattanooga, Tn. Amidst the seminars and activities, I felt a great sense of belonging. Despite feeling like “the youngest person there” I knew I had in common with these people a passion for distance riding.

In April, 2003, I made the trip alone to California with my two horses. I lived and rode in the southern desert and the high eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains that summer, learning from Jackie (20,000 career miles at that time). I attended many endurance rides that summer, riding horses for Jackie and once for Robert Ribley. Cody and I completed 425 miles with no pulls, and earned the best condition award at a two day ride. In the fall, I returned again to Ohio with my horses.

In the spring of 2005, I moved back to Idaho where there were plenty of public lands in which to ride. I worked part time at three stables and began learning more about Natural Horsemanship. I gained skills in starting young horses while riding for Bill Basham of Full Circle Ranch in Potlatch, Id. I took on clients horses from around Latah county and began building a reputation for myself.

I retired Cody (AERC name Red Sand) from endurance riding after 875 competition miles. For many years he was my steady ponying horse and set a good example for green horses.  He now is leased by a girl who is learning the basics. Currently I am enjoying my location in the Willamette valley of Oregon.  My goal remains to make a positive impact on the people and horses that come to Pegasus Passion.