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Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Bizarre, Taubertal, Terremoto, Hurricane from 1995-2011




30.01.2012 *list update soon*
ALTER BRIDGE Dortmund, Westfalenhalle 29.10.2011 MM, Proshot, DVB-S
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Newcastle, Australia 24.01.2012 M 16:9
HATEBREED Brugge, BE 25.08.2011 M 16:9
KORN Hamburg, Germany 30.05.2007 M 16:9
KORN Madrid, Spain 28.02.2008 M 16:9 2 DVDs
KORN Berlin, Germany 08.06.2009 M fifek version
KORN Exit Festival, Serbia 10.07.2009 M, Proshot
KORN Portland, ME 29.01.2011 M 16:9 3 Angles
LIMP BIZKIT Philadelphia, PA (center) 26.09.1998 M UPGRADE
LIMP BIZKIT Rock am Ring 07.06.2009 M 16:9 2 DVDs 2 Audios
LIMP BIZKIT Oberhausen, Germany 27.06.2011 M 16:9 DVD-9 2 Audios
LIMP BIZKIT Sofia, Bulgaria 29.06.2009 M 16:9 cut
LIMP BIZKIT Arras, France 01.07.2011 HD, BR
LIMP BIZKIT Werchter, Belgium 04.07.2009 M, Proshot 1 Song
LIMP BIZKIT Reading Festival, England 29.08.2010 M, Proshot, DVB-S 3 Songs
LINKIN PARK Camden, NJ 03.08.2004 M, Proshot
LINKIN PARK Stuttgart, Germany 30.07.2009 M 16:9
LINKIN PARK Boondall, Australia 03.12.2010 M 16:9
PAPA ROACH Amsterdam, Netherlands 25.01.2001 M, Proshot
PAPA ROACH Rock TV, London, England 18.05.2002 M, Proshot
PAPA ROACH Camden, NJ 25.07.2002 M, Proshot
PAPA ROACH Somerset, WI 29.05.2004 M
PAPA ROACH Stuttgart, Germany 04.10.2009 M 16:9
P.O.D. Philadelphia, PA 29.06.2000 M
P.O.D. Bogota, Colombia 05.12.2008 M, Proshot
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Washington DC 21.01.1993 M
SLIPKNOT Howard Stern's Radio Interview 12.01.2000 M, Proshot
SLIPKNOT Philadelphia, PA 17.10.2001 M
SLIPKNOT Belfort, France 05.07.2009 M, Proshot, DVB-S
SLIPKNOT Auburn, MI 10.10.2009 M
SLIPKNOT Moscow, Russia 29.06.2011 M 16:9
SLIPKNOT Amneville, France 08.07.2011 M 16:9
SLIPKNOT Sonisphere Festival, Stockholm, Sweden 09.07.2011 M 16:9
SOULFLY Melkweg, Loladamusica Special 23.05.1998 M, Proshot
SOULFLY Oberhausen, Germany 19.05.1999 M, Proshot

BILLY TALENT Brüssel, Belgium 02.01.2010 M
BLOODHOUND GANG Moscow, Russia 29.06.2009 M 16:9
HATEBREED London, England 18.02.2010 M
KORN Berlin, Germany 15.02.2008 M 2 DVDs 16:9
KORN Paris, France 17.06.2009 M 2 DVDs 16:9
KORN Mountain View 11.07.2010 M 16:9
KORN Dallas, TX 13.08.2010 M 16:9
LIMP BIZKIT Kansas City, MO 14.07.1997 M
LIMP BIZKIT Columbia, SC 13.09.1997 mid
LIMP BIZKIT Kick Some Ass xx.xx.2000 Original
LIMP BIZKIT MTV Video Music Awards 07.09.2000 M, Proshot
LIMP BIZKIT Dublin, Ireland 24.08.2010 M, 2 DVDs 16:9 *REAL DVDs*
LIMP BIZKIT Düsseldorf, Germany 05.09.2010 M 2 DVDs 16:9
LINKIN PARK Canal+, Paris, France xx.01.2001 M, Proshot 1 Song
LINKIN PARK Dortmund, Germany 3 Angles 2 Audios 26.10.2010 M 2 DVDs 16:9
LINKIN PARK Madrid, Spain 07.11.2010 HDTV, Proshot, Bluray
LINKIN PARK NumberOne, Kabel1 Doku, Germany 07.12.2010 MM, Proshot, DVB-S
MACHINE HEAD London, England 28.03.2009 M
MACHINE HEAD Hamburg, Germany 26.01.2010 M 2 DVDs 16:9
SLIPKNOT New York, NY 05.02.2009 M 16:9
SLIPKNOT Ostrava, Czech Republic, Cez Arena 10.06.2009 M 2 DVDs 16:9
SLIPKNOT Belfort, France 05.07.2009 Webstream, Proshot Interview + Live
SLIPKNOT Vancouver, Canada 15.10.2009 M 2 DVDs
SOULFLY Maplewood, MN 12.10.2009 M
SOULFLY Chicago, IL 13.10.2009 M
SOULFLY Detroit, MI 16.10.2009 M
SOULFLY Orlando, FL 07.03.2010 M
SOULFLY St Petersburg, FL 08.03.2010 M
SOULFLY Dublin, Ireland 01.08.2010 M 2 DVDs 16:9
SOULFLY Newcastle, Australia 10.09.2010 M 16:9
STAIND London, England 19.09.2008 M 16:9
STONE SOUR Belgium, Brussel 14.06.2010 M 16:9

BLOODHOUNG GANG Viva Overdrive 26.06.1999 M, Proshot
FLYLEAF Rockford, IL (2 Audios) 24.01.2010 M 16:9
FLYLEAF GoTV Hosted by 26.01.2010 MM, Proshot, DVB-S
GUANO APES Open Air Lumnezia 24.07.2009 M, Proshot, DVB-C
HATEBREED Vienna, Austria 07.12.2005 M
HATEBREED Vienna, Austria 04.06.2006 M
HATEBREED Kiev, Ukraine 15.04.2007 M
HATEBREED Moscow, Russia 15.02.2010 M 2 DVDs
ILL NINO Foro Sol, Mexico 05.09.2004 M, Proshot
ILL NINO XTV, UCV TV, Chile 04.12.2004 M, Proshot Interview
KORN Milan, Italy 23.02.2008 M 2 DVDs
KORN Foro Sol, Mexico City (2 Angles) 08.04.2008 M
KORN Berlin, Germany 08.06.2009 M 16:9
KORN Moscow, Russia 08.07.2009 M 2 DVDs
LIMP BIZKIT MTV 120 Minutes Fred+Lethal xx.12.1998 M, Proshot Interview
LIMP BIZKIT Farmclub, USA 07.02.2000 M, Proshot 1 Song
LIMP BIZKIT Detroit, MI: MTV Special 11.07.2000 MM, Proshot Interv.+Live UPGRADE
LIMP BIZKIT Celebrity Deathmatch xx.xx.2001 MM, Proshot
LIMP BIZKIT Kiev, Ukraine 31.05.2009 M, Proshot Interview+Live
LIMP BIZKIT Rock Festival, Szczecin, Poland 24.06.2009 M 2 DVDs 16:9
MACHINE HEAD Paris, France 01.04.2009 M 16:9
OASIS Rock im Park 11.06.2000 M, Proshot
SLIPKNOT Big Day Out, Sydney, Australia 26.01.2005 M, Proshot Interview
SLIPKNOT Rock Im Park 07.06.2009 M 2 DVDs 16:9
SLIPKNOT Scuzz The Beginning with Corey 28.12.2009 MM, Proshot, DVB-S
SOULFLY Walton-upon-Trent, England 05.08.2008 M
SOULFLY With Full Force, Roitzschjora 03.07.2009 M 16:9
STING Rock im Park 09.06.2000 M, Proshot
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Sofia, Bulgaria 11.06.2000 1stgen, Proshot
TRAVIS Rock im Park 10.06.2000 M, Proshot
TRAVIS Rock im Park 01.06.2001 M, Proshot
VARIOUS Hammer Awards xx.xx.2008 MM, Proshot, DVB-S Disturbed etc.

BLACK LIGHT BURNS Anvil Pants xx.xx.2008 Original
COLDPLAY Bizarre Festival, Weeze 18.08.2000 MM, Proshot, DVB-S *complete* UPGRADE
DEFTONES Bizarre Festival, Germany 19.08.2000 M, Proshot
DREDG Dortmund, Germany 01.11.2009 MM, Proshot, DVB-S DVD-9
EXILIA Hamburg, Germany 28.02.2009 M
GUANO APES Kiev, Ukraine 15.01.2010 M
ILL NINO Hamburg, Germany 28.02.2009 M
LIMP BIZKIT Sydney, Australia 25.01.2001 1stgen UPGRADE
LIMP BIZKIT Vilnius, Lithuania 21.05.2009 M 2 DVDs (made out of original files from taper)
LINKIN PARK Westminster, CA 11.11.2000 low
LINKIN PARK Tokyo, Japan 14.05.2001 low Proshot
LINKIN PARK St. Petersburg, Russia 26.07.2009 M 2 DVDs 16:9
METALLICA Later with Jools Holland 16.09.2008 MM, Proshot, DVB-S
PAPA ROACH Rockford, IL (2 Audios) 15.12.2009 M DVD-9 16:9
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Sydney, Australia 25.01.2008 M
SHINEDOWN Rockford, IL (2 Audios) 15.12.2009 M DVD-9 16:9

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