Patrick Henry Chapter DAR

Patrick Henry Chapter DAR



Patrick Henry Chapter

Martinsville, Virginia

established 1905



Chapter History

     In June of 1779, Patrick Henry and his family arrived in Leatherwood in Henry County, Virginia. He represented Henry County in the House of Delegates, where he served numerous terms and later became Virginia's first governor. On January 1, 1785, Henry was given a Commonwealth Grant for 2,125 acres of land in Henry County.  The thirteen women who met and organized the Patrick Henry Chapter, DAR on June 15, 1905, were aware of the rich heritage in Martinsville and Henry County. They agreed unanimously to name the chapter "Patrick Henry" because of his many ties with the state and the area. 

     In 1922, the Patrick Henry Chapter erected a monument on land that was once Patrick Henry's farm. That portion of the land was deeded to the Virginia DAR. In 1976, a historical marker denoting the former homeland of Patrick Henry was placed on U. S. 58 East by the Highway Department at a cost of $475 which chapter members raised. 

     Each year the chapter gives a scholarship to a student at Patrick Henry Community College.  Chapter members strive to perpetuate the goals of DAR, "God, Home, and Country" in remembrance of this illustrious patriot for whom our chapter was named.



                                                 Chapter Officers


Regent                                             Marcia Bauserman

Vice Regent                                      Joan Frith


Chaplain                                            Benita Lackey


Recording Secretary                       Pamela Caudill


Corresponding Secretary               Alice Shorter


Treasurer                                          Janet Fentress


Registrar                                           Anne Copeland


Historian                                          Sarah Robertson


Librarian                                            Avis Turner 


Our Ancestors

Ancrum, John, Pvt,VA

Aycock, Jesse, Patriot, NC 

Boas, James, Staff Officer, VA 

Bobbitt, John, Pvt. 2nd Lieut., VA 

Bonnett, Lewis, Pvt, VA

Bryan, William, Pvt, NC
Carswell, Alexander, Sr, Pvt, GA 

Cox, Francis, PS, VA  

Crockett, Hugh, Col, VA
Dandridge, William A., Major & Col, VA
Davis, Charles, Pvt, MD & VA
Dickerson, Sr., Moses, Patriot, VA

Drake, John, Pvt, PS, NH
English, William, Pvt, VA
Fenton, Ebenezer, Sol, CT    

Franklin, Lewis,  Pvt, NC

Frantz, Mary X, Patriot, VA      

Gove, Christian, Pvt, VA
Haggard, Nathaniel, Patriot
Hairston, Robert, Capt, VA

Hall, Nathan, PS, VA

Harpole, Nicholas, Patriot, VA

Harwell, Samuel, PS, VA

Hillegas, George Peter, Pvt, PA
Hord, John, Capt, VA
Hurst, John, Pvt, VA

Jackson, George, CS, LT, PS, PA

Martin, Joseph, LCol,VA

Meredith, Samuel, Col, VA

Mayberry, Abel (Ebrill), Patriot, VA
Mayo, James, Jr, Pvt, VA
Morris, Samuel, Patriot, VA
Neblett, William, Pvt, VA
Payne, Richard, Sr, Pvt, VA  

Payne, Rueben, Ensign, VA

Phipps, Benjamin, Pvt, SC & VA

Pinckard, John, Patriot, VA
Presley, Thornton, Pvt., VA
Prilliman, Jacob, PS, VA

PatriSeward, Daniel, Pvt, NJ

Ross, Daniel, PS, Lt, VA

Shackelford, William George, Pvt, VA
Shelor, Daniel, Lieut, MD
Sink, Abraham, Pvt, PA
Sink, Stephen, Pvt, PA
Simmons, Leonard, Pvt, VA

Smith, Drury, PS, NC

Smith, Peter, Pvt, NC
Sterling, Ephriam, Pvt, MD
Stigleman, Phillip, Pvt, PA

Stone, John, Pvt., Cs, PS, VA
Taylor, George, Ensign & Lieut, VA
Thompson, John, Patriot, VA
Turner, Francis T. Sr, Private, VA  

Turner, Shadrack, Pvt, VA
Turner, William, Pvt, VA
Vaden, Burwell, Patriot, VA 
Vannoy, Nathaniel, NC, CS 

Wade, Isaac, Pvt, VA

Waller, George, Col, VA

Walton, John, Pvt, VA

West, Bransford, Sgt, VA

Whipple, Eleazer, Pvt, M

Worsham, Essex, Pvt, VA

Wygant, John, Sgt, NY




MEETING DATES                                             PROGRAM 

September 14, 2016                                        Women of the Revolutionary War

October 12, 2016                                            Grace Network

November 9, 2016                                           T B A

December___, 2016                                         Historical & Educational Games

January 11, 2017                                             Celebrating Our Patriot                                                

February 8, 2017                                             Did You Know?

March 8, 2017                                                 Women in American History

April 12, 2017                                                 Theodore Burr Alston

May 10, 2017                                                  Wedgewood Pottery




Any woman is eligible for membership who is no less than eighteen years
of age and can prove lineal, blood line descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence. She must provide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage, and death. Admission to membership in the NSDAR is either by invitation through a chapter in your state organization (or unit overseas) or as a member-at-large. No chapter may discriminate against an applicant on the basis of race or creed.



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