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 Patches & Pointed Cat Club Inc

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Welcome to Patches & Pointed Cat Club's website.

We are a small club that specialises in broken coloured cats of all breeds so aptly named "Patched and Pointed" we are an Affiliate club member of the New Zealand Cat  Fancy Inc.

Patches was founded in 1999 by Chris Lowe & Brenda Ward who had a vision of setting up a specialised club specifically for patched and pointed cats (therefore it would be a specialist club based on colour – the first and still the only one of its type in NZCF. In the early days, shows were only for these cats, but as time went by, it was agreed to open up the shows so all cats could be shown at our show, but retaining a "special" supreme prize that patched and pointed cats only were eligible to enter i.e. broken coloured cats and this has become a closely contested section.



Our 2017 Show is to be held on 2 September 2017 - it is a Four Ring show - venue to be confirmed.

Patches & Pointed would like to thank our Sponsors: Nutrience & Jimbos and the many people who donated prizes to the Club for our 2016 Show:

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