*-*-*-* BALLOON DECORATIONS  *-*-* 


                                                                                      CELEBRATION IS OUR SPECIALIZATION, WE ARE YOUR

                                                       COMPLETE GIFT SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR SPECIAL OCCASIONS,INCLUDING 

                                                            BIRTHDAYS, WEDDINGS, BAR MITZVAHS,CUSTOMER APRRECIATION OR

                                                                                          EXPRESSING GOOD WISHES.WE BRING HAPPINESS

                                                                                                                            ANYWHERE IN ISRAEL.  


                                                                !!!  ASTONISH YOUR BELOVED  !!!

                                                                     !!!  THE ULTIMATE AMAZING SURPRIZE  !!!                   

                                                           UNIQUE AND FUNNY SINGINNG TELEGRAMS FOR ANY OCCASION. OUR SINGING 

                                                     TELEGRAMS COME IN  SPECTACULAR COSTUMES WITH A GIANT BALLOON BOUQET,

                                                        THEY SING ORGINAL TUNES ACCOMPANIMENTED BY AN ACCORDIONIST,READ AN

                                                                    ILLUSTRATED BLESSING,LIGHT A FIREWORK AND OPEN CHAMPANGE.WE

                                                                                                      PERFORM FOR THE ENTIRE STATE OF ISRAEL.    


Discover The Astonishing, Step-By-Step Secrets Of How You Can Easily Make And Twist 46 Balloon

Animals and Other Beautiful Balloon Designs With Fun And Techniques Like A Professional-Guaranteed!!!

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                                                                   PHONE:                       +972-522433611                                                            CELEBRATION IS OUR SPECIALIZATION, WE ARE YOUR COMPLETE GIFT SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR SPECIAL OCCASIONS, INCLUDING BIRTHDAYS, WEDDINGS, BAR MITZVAHS, CUSTOMER APRRECIATION OR EXPRESSING GOOD WISHES. WE BRING HAPPINESS ANYWHERE IN ISRAEL.