Organic Gardening in an Urban Setting

Homemade Organic Pest Control Sprays

These simple solutions are made from common items that everyone has kicking around in their kitchen. They are safe for all animals and kids and mixing them up is always a good way to interest your children in cooking and gardening.

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              Blight Fighter

     1 tablespoon Murphy's Oil Soap
         1 tablespoon baking soda
               1 gallon of water

     Mix everything together and spray to
     combat tomato, celery, and potato
    blight. A single application usually
                      does it.     

         Spider Mite Blaster

               1 cup wheat flour                                                                        
               ¼ cup buttermilk                                                               
               1 gallon of water
      Mix everything together and douse the                                  
    mite-plagued plants top to bottom. May                                   
    need another application in two days time.

          Caterpillar Chaser

               1cup of flour
      2 tablespoons cayenne pepper
    Mix these together and sprinkle on
    your plants. This is especially good
       on your cabbage family crops.

       Powdery Mildew Preventer

              1 chamomile tea bag                   
       1 teaspoon Murphy's Oil Soap          
             1 gallon of water                          

      Steep the tea in boiling water for        
     at least 1 hour. Add the soap and             
     mix into the gallon of water. Apply
     once a week in late summer on into
     the early fall.

        Powdery Mildew Killer

        4 tablespoons baking powder
    2 tablespoons Murphy's Oil Soap
             1 gallon of water

      Mix it all together and spray onto
                the mildew itself.    

       All Around Bug Blaster

                4 cloves garlic                                                                   
                 1 small onion                                                                                
              1 jalapeno pepper                                                                        
       1 teaspoon Murphy's Oil Soap
          1 teaspoon vegetable oil                                                           
               1 quart of water                                                               
     Pulverize the garlic, onion, and                                                     
   jalapeno in a blender and soak in                                                
   warm water for two hours. Strain.                                             
   Add the soap and the oil into the                                                                   
   water and spray onto the pests not
   the whole plant. Strong and fast

       Simple Soap Spray

        ½ bar of Ivory or other mild
                    bath soap
              2 gallons of water
     Shred the soap and dissolve it
   completely in warm water. Let it
    cool and use to blast your bugs.
      THIS IS  VERY POTENT !!!  

       Orange Aid

    1 cup chopped orange peel                                                           
    1 quart of water                                                                             
     Put the peels into a blender and buzz
   them with the boiling water. Let them                                          
   sit overnight strain and blast caterpillars                                    

     Flea Beetle Fighter

   2 cups tomato leaves chopped
    ½ teaspoon liquid dish soap
   Tomatoes are nightshades. These
   were considered a poison by our
   ancestors and rightly so. Boil the
   leaves; strain them, and add the dish
   soap. Top up the liquid to the 1 quart
    and use this liquid to harass flea
  beetles, white flies, aphids, asparagus
  beetles and cabbage worms. Must be
    re-applied after every rain.

  All Season Germ and Pest Control

             ¼ cup liquid dish soap                                             
           ¼ cup antiseptic mouthwash                                     
                5 gallons of water 
     Mix everything together and spray                                    
    your plants every two weeks. This helps                             
    to control germs that carry plant diseases                            
    and the minty fresh smell deters bugs.  

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