Organic Gardening in an Urban Setting

November Checklist

It's november. The cold has finally got a grip and the garden season seems to be done for the year. Here in Toronto it is time for the annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. You may have one in your area as well. It is a great place to learn a few new gardening tips and tricks that you may be able to use come spring. There are a few things that you can still do as well this month.
  •  Stake any cane or vines to protect them from any heavy snow load. If your plants are beside your home or near an overhang this is especially important.
  •  Caned fruit such as blackberries or raspberries can be propagated at this time by simply burying the cane tips under the soil. Next year cut the parent cane from the new shoot and transplant where desired.
  •  This is your last chance to plant your onions, garlic, and other bulbs before the ground freezes hard.
  •  Cut your asparagus tops and top dress the bed.
  •  Cover your strawberries with a couple of inches of, you guessed it; straw.
  • Cold frame any of your hardier plants such as swiss chard, beets, carrots; and celeriac to extend their growing season. You will find info an how to do this in the simple projects section of this site.
  •  If you live in a frost free area then this is the time to get your cold season crops into the ground.
  •  Drain your hose. If you haven't done this yet it is a good time to think about it and if you live in some of the northerly regions of the country you also may want to shut off your water line going outside to that hose as well. Frozen hoses break but frozen waterlines can be expensive.
   Two other things to think about. If you wish to have a live tree for Christmas then this is the time to dig the hole where you wish to plant it later. Frozen ground is not too easy to dig. Remember to cover up the soil you removed to keep it from freezing as well. Lastly, feed the birds that in most urban areas no longer migrate or that live on the seeds and berries that are no longer around this time of year.
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