Organic Gardening in an Urban Setting

December Gardening Checklist

It's december, the snow is flying, and the garden seems dead for the season. There are however things that you can do. In this busy holiday season the garden can still play a part in your festivities and still needs your attention.

 Snow load is a big problem for many plants as the weight can break tender stems. Some plants such as kale and swiss chard may still be producing at this time.

 Some of your herbs that you thought were done for the season can be given a new life inside on a window sill. Tender perennials such as thyme, tarragon, sage, and rosemary can still be  revived after a long cold snap. Three or four weeks after the first frost which is now in many places bring these herbs indoors, Give them a good pruning and place them in a bright window sill. Shortly they will be back producing again.

 Peppers are also a tender perennial. You can keep you pepper plant inside all winter and replace outside to a balcony or garden come spring. As peppers tend to grow quite large and the cost of sweet peppers not too expensive I recommend this only for your favorite hot pepper plants.

     Remember to check for any garden pests that may have hitched a free ride to the summer vacation spot that is your nice warm home

     If you haven't ordered your seed catalogues yet what are you waiting for.

     Divide up your plants to give as inexpensive, and much appreciated holiday gift giving. 

    Start your garden design for next year. The days will soon be getting longer and it will be time to start your seedlings for next season so take some time to plan out your course of action. What worked last year? What didn't? Is there something new you would like to grow this coming season? This is the time to plan it all out. Consider such things as crop rotation and companion planting. This is a good time to check out such things in your local library.

    The more planning you put into your garden now the less work you will have to deal with come spring when you are busy starting up your crops weither they are in a 40 acre plot or a 4 pot container garden.

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