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Talking To My Angel

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 Talking To My Angel   

What if you were still little and you had an angel friend? You would
probably spend a lot of time with your angel and talk to her about
everyday things. It would be a wonderful experience.
But then, mom
and dad told you, "That just doesn't happen. It must be your imagination.
Stop talking about this or people will think you're crazy."
Now what?
Would you eventually give up on your angel, so others would think you
were normal? Probably. That, unfortunately, is called growing up and
being responsible.
But what if your parents encouraged you to talk
about your angel and all the wonderful things he or she told you?
Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Well, here comes a book that can help both parent and child talk
about angel visitations. Every other page includes beautiful hand
-drawn illlustrations for you to enjoy!

To get your copy of Talking To My Angel 

Please visit: http://www.saga.books.net

If you order now, you will also get a special angel
to watch over you!

Note From A Special Friend

"I firmly believe that I have received the same child I was
meant to receive whether I gave birth or adopted. 
The same soul, the same entity was meant to be
mine from the beginning of time." Debra Welch


"Making the decision to have a child is momentous --
it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking
around outside your body." - Elizabeth Stone


Talking To My Angel

By my good friend, Spanish
novelist, Frederick Babb

                  A whisper
                  A kind word
                  A smile
                  To encourage

                  A laugh
                  A cheer
                  A joke
                  To make us joyful

                  A hug
                  A shoulder
                  A trusted friend
                  To confide in

                  My friend
                  My trusted angel
                  Gracing me
                  With her presence

                  My dreams are fulfilled
                  My life is complete
                  When I talk
                  To my Angel

  Isn't God Grand!









From Angels Around Us

Although we can’t usually see angels, we can

open ourselves to their presence and rejoice in their blessings.

-  Camilla Marvel,
"The Joy of Angels"

From "Angels Around Us." Compiled by Karen Maguire.



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