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Playing With The Devil

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Learn the true story about the horrid

abuses suffered by Byron Prior and

his siblings in my new book entitled:


Playing With The Devil



                                 You will be stunned and shocked when you read how their own mother not only abused them in every possible way, but also tendered out her youngsters to area businessmen, political figures, Salvation Army officers and even a judical member, just to put a few measly dollars in her own pocket.


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Hell at home, January 9, 2007

Martha Jette brings this terrifying story to your eyes. Although this book is fiction, it is based on a Newfoundland family of 12 children in the 1960's. In a little town, their whore of a mother physically and sexually abuses the kids, also selling them out to others in the town.

The story is told by the now 40-year-old Timmy, who was the oldest of the dozen. He tells of his mother bringing home men all the time, while his dad was working as a fisherman. Because of this, his father was never home and that brought out the devil in the family's house. The mom would constantly beat her children with anything she could grab and blew up over nothing. Not only that, she also sexually molested her children. She would let adult men touch her daughters for a few dollars. The kids tried to tell people of this torture but no one listened, especially because all of the powerful people in the town were having sex with their mom. Politicians, neighbors, a judge, and others all took part in sexually abusing the children, of course for a few bucks. Even their grandpa molested them. But none of them were ever caught.

I recommend this book to every single person on this earth. Whether it interests you or not, you need to read this book and learn of the tormenting these kids went through. Hopefully this book will open the eyes of people, and justice could be brought to those disgusting people. Read this book and learn from it, I did.

Twelve children were physically and sexually abused and to this day, the evil people that committed those unspeakable acts have still not been brought to justice. The kids will forever be affected by their childhood of beating and molestation. I can't even imagine how anyone could do what was done to that family. "Playing with the Devil" shows there are nasty people in the world, who could do anything to those kids with no consequences.


Canada Voice Of Reason


"The abuse of children in Canada and around the world can only take place in secrecy.  As a society and as a community, we have a moral and legal obligation to expose crimes against children so that the arms of justice may intervene.  Martha Jette has performed just this duty by writing "Playing with the Devil".  We owe it to our children and all children to read this book."  Lisa Haeck, Director Canada Children First.


Please Visit Canada's Voice of Reason at: http://www.canadavoiceofreason.com/

And a blog at: Justice for Byron Prior




To give you some idea as to the content

of this book, please read my intro from it:




     What you are about to read will likely horrify and stun you beyond words. While it is presented here as fiction, this story is actually based on true events that occurred within a family of 12 children in Grand Bank, Newfoundland in the 1960s.

     You will find that this is written in a rather graphic nature, but there is no other way to relate the truth about what happened to these children in any other way. If you are sensitive or have a weak stomach, I would suggest that you put this book down right now. It is not for the faint of heart and was most difficult for me to write.

     However, this story needs to be told. Canadians must know how politics and business played a huge role in the abuse of so many young souls, who today are very confused adults. Needless to say, this book is rated “R.”

     Please note that the names of the victims have been changed to protect their privacy. Unfortunately, the names of the guilty had to be withheld as well. May they some day pay for their horrendous and unforgivable deeds and for those who have left this world, may Gob exact His judgment.  


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Recent Press Release

Justice Denied For Newfoundland Children

Dated: April 8, 2005


By Martha Jette


It has been nearly 50 years since 12 children in one Newfoundland family suffered horrid abuses at the hands of their own mother and her many paramours. However, justice has never been meted out on the perpetrators and you might well ask, why?


“The reason is simple,” said eldest son, Byron Prior. “When local politicians, high profile area businessmen, the Salvation Army and even a chief justice are involved, our case is destined to never see the light of day.”


Despite six visits with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police over the years, including more than 50 hours of testimony and a list of countless witnesses, absolutely nothing has been done in the defense of Mr. Prior and his siblings to this day.


“When people of this caliber are involved, your case will go nowhere,” said Mr. Prior.


This distressing tale began in the 1960s in the small town of Grand Bank, which at the time had a population of approximately 4,000. Mr. Prior said his mother Harriet was a woman of many faces. At Salvation Army Sunday services, she was an upstanding, pious woman of faith. To her neighbors, she was the woman struggling to survive with so many unruly children. To the police, she was simply struggling to control her difficult sons and daughters. To her doctors, she was whatever she wanted to be at the time and on cue.


However, Mr. Prior said that to her own children, she was a walking nightmare – a cursing, drinking, pill swallowing, partying woman, who thought nothing of mentally, emotionally, verbally, physically or sexually abusing them. And if that weren’t enough, he said she allowed a long string of lovers to do the same. Why?


“For a few measly dollars, so she could continue carry on with the raucous lifestyle she loved,” he said.


As the oldest sibling Mr. Prior was the first to be abused in every way possible by his mother. However, for him, it was even more painful to watch his brothers and sisters be molested, raped, beaten and more.


“I not only had to live through my own abuse, but watch as the rest of my sisters and brothers were abused and raped.”


On April 3, 2006, Mr. Prior flew from Newfoundland to Ottawa in a last-ditch attempt to seek justice and hopefully, some closure for what was done to him and his siblings. For a week, he will walk the streets and went door-to-door handing out fliers to make the public aware of their suffering and the fact that the Canadian judicial system has completely disregarded them. The following week, he begins a picket on Parliament Hill.


Before he left, he said this trip would sap him of just about everything he has left, but it was something he felt he must do. Prime Minister Steven Harper has publicly claimed that he plans to tighten up the judicial system in Canada to ensure that justice prevails. Now, Mr. Prior hopes the prime minister will prove it, by finally allowing justice to be done in his case. Whether that will actually happen is yet to be seen.


In the meantime, his plight and that of his siblings has been picked up by Hamilton author and editor, Martha Jette, who has written a book that relates the story of abuse suffered so long ago by the then, innocent children.


“This is a horrid tale and was just heart-wrenching to write,” said Ms. Jette, “but this story needs to be told. No children should ever suffer what these little ones endured.”


Ms. Jette said her book entitled Playing With The Devil is currently in the hands of Saga Books of Calgary, Alberta and should be available soon.


“My hope is that these children, who are now all adults still hurting from what was done to them will finally find some closure, she said.”


As far as the book goes, Ms. Jette said it would be rated “R” as there are graphically described scenes of abuse toward the children.


“This had to be the hardest thing I’ve ever written during my years as a writer and journalist,” she said. “If you have a weak stomach or are overly sensitive, you might not want to read it.”


Today, the Prior children all suffer from various forms of psychological problems, from fear of intimacy and being totally reclusive to outright anger. For Mr. Prior, it has been an uphill battle with his mind and emotions. Because he is married with a son, he has tried to maintain a balanced lifestyle. However, his attempts to find justice for himself and his siblings has caused him and his family to be ostracized by most neighbors, institutions and businesses around his current home of Conception Bay, which is very near Grand Bank.


“It’s really difficult,” said Mr. Prior. “I can’t get a job and even when we go to the supermarket, we get strange looks.”


However, Mr. Prior said he would not give up until he takes his last breath.


“What was done to us can’t be swept under the rug like it didn’t happen.”


For more information on Byron Prior and his family, please visit: http://maxpages.com/sexualabuse.

For more information on author and editor Martha Jette, please visit:












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