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"Glimpses 2"

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"Glimpses 2" It Could Happen To You!

      "Glimpses 2"
            It Could Happen To You!


If you ever wondered whether we live in an active paranormal
world, you'll have no doubts after reading "Glimpses 2."
This book includes more than 90 strange, but true paranormal
tales from around the world. Read about a woman
who serves an angel at a Crackerbarrel Restaurant,a woman whose
dead ex-husband won't leave her alone, a grandfather who
makes an appearance at his own wake, a little girl who
returns from the other side to find her locket, a man
who unwittingly uncovers a past life, another man who
receives messages from God and yet another, who found a
nightly visitor in his bedroom. Learn about the strange lights
that Uri Geller encountered as a child and why one
man believes he is the stillborn twin of Elvis.

What would you think if music came out of your walls,
pots on a hot stove disappeared, a ghost appeared right in front
of you, angels came to visit or a voice out of
nowhere spoke in your ear?

Wow! This and so much more awaits you!

Available now through Saga Books 

Here is just one of the AMAZING PHOTOS in this book!
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