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Become An Established Author

The desire to write is a force to be reckoned with. You can’t create it, if it isn’t in you and you can’t get rid of it, if it is. But turning our vivid thoughts and imagination into solid form can be both challenging and inspiring. In my new e-book, Become An Established Author, you will learn everything from how to get your personal creativity flowing, to announcing your book to the world and everything in between. Find out what other authors already know about such things as dealing with writer’s block, preparing your manuscript, writing press releases, networking, active self-promotion, advertising and much more! You will also be provided with countless links that will save you hundreds of hours searching for what you need on the net to make your book a success.


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A Cheap and Easy
Guide to Self-Publishing

Want to get your book published the quick and easy way, so you can make money sooner? Now you can! Learn just how profitable E-Book Publishing can be and learn how to create it in just one day! This amazing guide tells you all you need to know, plus how to market your e-book on a small budget or no budget at all!
Learn how to sell your e-book right from your own website!
And you'll even get a list of resources for marketing your new book on the Web!
Want to turn that E-book into a hard copy?
You'll learn that too!

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New E-Book Submitter!
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Find out the best places to publish
including conventional, exclusive
& non-exclusive publishers, as well
as ePublish Directories & links.

Learn where the best places on the
net are to promote your E-Book.
You can even get writer helps,
tutorials, resources & workshops.
Need critiques or editing service?
You'll learn about that too!

And finally, find out how to
safeguard your creative work
through copyright info.

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